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Varieties Asiatic and Oriental
Packing 15-21 kg boxes/ cartons, 250-300 stems depending on the length
Storage low temperatures of about -1 degrees Celsius, Immerse in water
Size 36-100cm
Seasons July-august (blooming of the lilies)
Transport Conditions Temperatures of about -1 degrees Celsius.
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Lilies are perennial flowering plants with leafy stems, scaly bulbs, narrow leaves and solitary or clustered flowers. Most people love Ghana lilies for their elegant beauty, attractive aroma and their exceptional quality, among other things. The lilies are becoming quite popular, mainly due to their impressive shelf life.
The flowers, which many people believe symbolize devotion or purity, are widely sought after and are quite profitable to trade-in. Lilies come in varying colours such as white, red, purple, orange or pink depending on the species grown by the farmer and often have a pleasant smell which also increases their demand.
Most lily species are native to the temperate northern hemisphere though it has been noted that their range extends to the subtropics of the north. It is from there where they were spread to various parts of the world.
Ghana`s horticulture industry has grown tremendously over the past few years. In conjunction, lilies have gained much popularity in the nation`s agricultural sector. This may largely be attributed to the increased demand for the flowers in the international market. In Ghana, lilies are mostly grown aiming for the global market, mostly the European nations, as there is a very little domestic market for the Ghana lilies.
The discovery and growth of lily farming in Ghana have greatly assisted in earning her revenue from exports from the ever-increasing number of foreign investors. Exportation of Ghana lilies takes up almost 40% of the nation`s total horticultural exports making the flowers a vital part of the nation`s economy.
Lilies often vary according to the species which they have been derived from. Three varieties are grown in Ghana. These are;
Asiatic lilies- these usually come as yellow or white flowers. Their flowers tend to be small and lack fragrance as compared to most of the other species.
Oriental lilies- these are the most popular as they are known to be the most fragrant type of lilies. They have large broader leaves and often occur in various shades of pink, purple and red.
Trumpet lilies- these are often described as incredible for their colourful flowers and beautiful fragrance. The flowers often come in various shades of white, pink, yellow and orange.
Many lily species thrive well in temperate and sub-tropical conditions. In Ghana, they are mostly planted in large scale as the climate in the nation is suitable for their cultivation. The Lilly flowers in the summer seasons, between, July or August, and this is when the flowers are harvested.
The harvesting is carefully done by workers who have to undergo training on the collection and post-harvesting handling for quality assurance of the flowers. The harvesting is done by hand.
After harvesting, the lilies are placed in coolers with a temperature of about -1 degrees Celsius to prevent withering before reaching their destination.
During transportation, specialized equipped trucks are used to ensure the required temperature is maintained, and quality goods are delivered.
The lilies are usually packed in boxes weighing about 20-21 kg, and one pallet can hold about 40-45 boxes.
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