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Varieties Yellow, Red, White, Orange, Pink
Common names Mums or chrysanths
packing Wrapped and packed in bunches, 15-21 kgs, 250-300 stems per carton based on the length of the stem
storage Immerse in water vase, Controlled temperature 4degrees
size 40cm-70cm long stems
availabilityThroughout the year, Peak season July to October
Transportation conditions Transported in controlled temperatures, 4 degrees celsius
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Ghana Chrysanthemum with other exotic species are taking up the horticulture industry because of their benefits. Flower farming in Ghana has become a lucrative business over the past decade because of the ever-ready European market.

 They have a wide range of uses such as decoration and most especially, a herb for its medicinal components. In ghana, it is believed to be a remedy for cataracts and the flower is remarkably also edible.

Chrysanthemums are flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum. Most species originate from East Asia but their centre of diversity is in China. 

They were first cultivated in China as a flowering herb as far back as the 15th-century bc. Famous for its medicinal components, the popularity of the flower has grown tremendously all over the world and the chrysanthemum culture continues to flourish all over.

There are many colours and varieties of chrysanthemums now grown due to the different conditions they are grown in and also due to interbreeding of the flowers.

Chrysanthemums are also famous for their beauty. The colours of the flowers usually range from blue, purple, red, yellow and a wide range of colours.

 Taking advantage of its climate which is suitable for horticulture, ghana has decided to spend its resources on chrysanthemum farming. The exploit so far is proving to be a profitable one for the country. 

Between the years of 2011 and 2014, the flower industry earnings have increased by over 100%. From 1.7 USD million to 2.9 USD million. is the leading chrysanthemum exporter in the continent with about 42% of Africa’s chrysanthemum being from ghana.

Chrysanthemum export in ghana contributes to up to 45% of the total floricultural exports.

There are quite a number of chrysanthemum grown in Ghans;

  • Single bloom-these look very much like daisies and most people often confuse the two. This is mostly because of the features like white petals and yellow centres which the two have in common.
  • Decorative blooms-these chrysanthemums vary in size and their petals cover their disks. decorative mums are usually 5 inches or taller and they make excellent plants to place in pots. 
  • Reflex blooms-these have petals that either curve inwards or outwards. They often vary in colour and can either be red, golden or yellow.

Ghana Chrysanthemum is grown in the Nsawam area where most of the countries flower farming is done. Mums are known to thrive best in well-drained soils with consistent moisture. They are quite hardy and can survive well in most environments but the quality of the flowers is usually best when they have been planted during the summer.

Ghana Chrysanthemum is sun-loving plants. Although they require an average of about 6 hours of sunlight, they grow better when exposed to more sunlight.

In mums, the early bloomers often begin flowering in late July while the late fall bloomers often start their stunning display of colours in October. Each variety differs but most mums will continue to bloom for four to eight weeks. 

They are harvested when the flowers bloom which is anywhere between the months of July to October for those rain-fed. However,  Ghana chrysanthemums are available throughout from greenhouse growers.

Harvesting of the chrysanthemums is done very early in the morning by hand by workers who have undergone training on pre and post-harvesting to ensure quality is upheld. Harvesting is done at ¾ to full open stage opening, this way the shelf life is extended. 

The stems are then graded and sized, stored at 4 degrees Celcius after packing. Being perishable, the flowers are harvested on the day of shipping. 

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