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Common Namesbroadbill or Xiphias gladius
Packing Plastic filtered trays, cardboard boxes and plastic bags.
StorageStored chilled or refrigerated, -5 - 0 degrees celsius
Size0.5-2 metres, 50-200 pounds
SeasonAll year
Transport ConditionsFrozen, -5 - 0 degrees celsius, away from odour
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South Africa Swordfish is known for its mild-tasting and meaty texture that makes it a good choice for anyone who dislikes white meat or fish. Its reddish areas have a strong flavour that can be removed.

It can be grilled as a steak or kebabs and also broiled and sautéed for a delicious buffet.

Swordfish has a broad podium like a sword. They have a length of about 4.45 meters and weighs between 450 kilograms and 650 kilograms. Adult males are not larger than females. Swordfish males reach their full size at nine (9) years while female swordfishes take fifteen (15) years to reach a maximum size. Their life span is twenty (25) years maturing at the ages of 4 to 5 years. Swordfishes are highly adaptive having the ability to live in the cold water of 5°Celcius and warm waters of 27°Celcius

It is flavorful and moist with a little sweet taste. Its steak has a fairly higher oil content and a stiff meaty texture. Its flesh colour can differ from white and ivory to orange and pink. This colour differentiation does not signify quality. Point to note is that all swordfish turn beige after cooking and their steaks have a whirling pattern that can be confusing with that of the mako sharks whose pattern is circular. The mako’s skin is also rough while the swordfish is smooth.

They usually migrate from cold to warm waters depending on seasons to feed. Swordfish can also move to different altitudes of about 2000 Meters. They are of high commercial value for both temperate and tropical water. In South African they are caught by use of long lines with baited hooks.

South Africa Swordfish is very healthful and highly notorious and recommended by doctors for eating over red meat. It is explicitly an oily fish. Swordfish is usually sold as steak due to their large sizes while others are grilled.  

The spawning grounds for swordfish are believed to be in the Mediterranean sea in the southern part of Italy. Adults are found in these grounds except for January and February. June to August intensive spawning takes place because males tend to pursue females in this period. During this period eggs have been found and young swordfishes been observed as from October to December.

Swordfish can be harvested using harpoons and driftnets for small scale farmers. They can also be caught by use of pelagic longline

They are packed in plastic bags/trays or boxes each carrying as from 400 grams onwards. After harvest and on transportation they should be kept in a chilly refrigerator. Some countries that South Africa exports to is the United States and the European Union.

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