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Produce Mozambique shrimps and prawns
Varieties non-decapod "shrimp." Ostracoda
Common Names Crustacean
Packing100 g to 2kgs of shrimp packets or as according to clients’ needs
Size 30-35grams
Availability (season) June to October
Transportation Conditions They are packed and transported in airtight frozen containers
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 Mozambique Shrimps and prawns are the best delicacies on the menus of many hotels in the country. Shrimps and prawns mean the same animal that is differentiated by size, according to many people. While they are both in the Decapod crustaceans and both have ten legs with external skeletons, they have different classification with the shrimp belonging in the sub-order Pleocyemata while the prawns are in the sub-order Dendrobranchiata. 

Shrimps are used in many meals across the world, and some stews are made of shrimp and prawn meat. They make nutritious soups that have high nutrition value with lots of proteins, fiber, and acids. 

The shrimps are prawns do well in both fresh and saltwater. They love warm temperatures as cold inhibits their reproduction and maturing. Shrimps and prawns do not feed a lot, and they should be fed in the early morning and more in the late evening. Mozambique has salty water

Warm temperatures in the country make the prawns and shrimps mature faster than in other producing countries. The prawns from Mozambique are mature in 3 months after they are introduced into the ponds. The prawns and shrimps begin their lifecycle in the reproduction ponds where they are hatched or in the hatcheries, for farmers with more extensive resources. After they are hatched, the shrimps are introduced into the weaning ponds where they are hardened off and made ready to be introduced into the main pond where they are fed until they mature. The shrimps and prawns do well in the summer weather, which occurs in the months between May and August in Mozambique, making the product to be the best in the country. 

At maturity, the shrimps and prawns weigh between 30 and 35 grams. They are harvested using nets and cleaned of any sediments from the ponds. After cleaning, the Mozambique shrimps and prawns are packed in containers that are airtight and sealed to avoid decaying. After packing, they are transported by any means of transport as long as they do not overstay in transit. 

Shrimps and prawns in a meal? That sums up the best delicacy in Mozambique. Place an order on this platform for the best delivery of Mozambique shrimps and prawns immediately. 


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