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Produce Mozambique crabs
Varieties Green mad crab Red claw crab
Common Names Mud crab
Packing packed in moist containers that have free air circulation
Size 12.7cm 22 cm
Availability (season) June to August
Transportation Conditions Transported in wet containers, no direct sunlight
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Bordering the Indian Ocean in the southeast of Africa, Mozambique is home to the most delicious crabs in the continent. Popularly known as mad crab, Mozambique crabs farming has become very popular in the small southern country. Globally, there is a massive demand for the product, which drives its costs upwards. Crabmeat is very delicious, making the country a popular source. 

Crab farming in Mozambique has had an enormous impact and benefits as the production is low in labor requirements making their cost of production economical while they grow very fast. Small scale crab farming has gained popularity in Mozambique in the current trends. 

Different varieties of Mozambique crabs are available in the coastal country that is farmed for export. They are mostly found in the coastal areas, backwaters, and even on estuaries. The two main species of the crabs that are available for production commercially are green mud crab and red claw crab. The two species vary in size, with the green mad crab being larger with an ability to grow up to 22 centimeters in width and weigh up to 2kgs. The red claw is smaller and can grow to a maximum of 12.7centimeters in diameter and have a weight of 1.2kgs. The green mud crab is free-living and has polygonal markings on its appendages while the red claw has a habit of burrowing with no polygonal markings on it. These two species are the common ones used in commercial crab farming in the country, and they boast of high value and demand in the export market. 

The crabs consume a maximum of 8% of their body weight; thus, they are economical in their farming. The crabs feed on low-cost trash fish, waste from chicken, among other feeds. They are fed twice per day, thus not labor-intensive, while the outputs are massive. 

Crabs are hardened off before they can be marketed and exported. They are ready to he hardened out when they are 3-6 months of age, harvested when on their maximum weight. At this stage, they have maximum nutrition value. They are collected late in the evening or early in the morning using baits or scoop nets. 

The crabs are washed after harvesting and tied without breaking their legs. They are then stored in moist containers away from sunlight as it is not suitable for their survival. After cleaning and packaging, they can be transported by road or air without being congested to avoid suffocation while in transit. They are stacked ten containers high and room for air circulation left between the stacks. 

Mozambique crabs? What a delicacy. We now welcome you, wherever you might be in the world, to source and import with ease. 


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