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VarietiesSpipjack, albacore, Bluefin and yellowfin
SeasonApril through July.
Packing200 grams in metal container, gutted then whole packed based on fish weight.10-15 kg fish crates.
Storage  -4    degrees Celsius
Size30 cm to  4.6 m 
Transport  -4 degrees Celsius
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Tuna fishing industry is a significant part of Morocco economy and leading foreign exchange earner. Tuna is a saltwater fish that belongs to the tribe Thunnini, a subgrouping of Scombridae family.  It is sleek and streamlined fish adapted for speed. It has two dorsal fins closely spaced on its back. The first is depressible It can be laid down, flush in a groove that runs along its back. Their size ranges according to variety from bullet tuna of 50 cm in length and 18 kg in weight to Atlantic bluefin tuna of 4.6m and 68 kilograms in weight. The fresh or frozen flesh of tuna is widely regarded as a delicacy in Morocco, being prepared in a variety of ways for the sake of achieving specific flavours or textures.

Tuna fishing in morocco was introduced by French, Spanish and Portuguese fishers, although small dories were operating in coastal villages before 1914, the development of small scale fishery started in 1930. this development was as a result of forced labour law established by the French, from which fishers were exempted. For a long time, the fishing has been an economic pillar for the country. The kingdom is considered the largest fishing market in Africa.

The following are varieties of morocco tuna

  1. Albacore Tuna; this is a standard variety with the lightest flesh and mildest flavour. It is often canned as white tuna and sold at a high price  than light chunk tuna
  2. Bluefin; it is often the variety of choice for fresh tuna connoisseurs. It has a bit of more fat and flavour than the other types. When the Bluefin is full-grown the flesh is a dark red nearly purple. This variety is the biggest, with the largest fish recorded to have grown to about 725 kgs.
  3. Skipjack tuna; this fish likes to jump and skip over the surface of the ocean.  It generally has the most robust flavour and highest fat content and is also the smallest variety.
  4. Yellowfin tuna; they are the easier and common to find than any other variety. It is a deep pink with flavour a bit stronger than albacore. 

The giant of the tuna species is found north around Tanger from April through July. This pelagic species are highly migratory and move from Atlantic into the Mediterranean in this period. This is the high season for tuna fishing. After fishing tuna are grouped, according to its size and weight it is then cleaned, frozen and packed in metal containers of 200 grams for transportation.alternatively, the smaller pieces are baked and preserved then they are canned in 70, 125,155 and 200 grams metal containers for export.

The fisheries sector account for 3 percent of morocco GDP and is the world’s 18th largest and African tuna exporter. It exports most of the tunas to Europe which absorbs 41 percent of morocco tuna export in volume 

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