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Varieties Brown crabs, Spider crabs
Size 27 cm, 1-3kgs
Storage Frozen
Season December-February
Packing 1*10kg cartons, 6*2 kg cartons
Transport Conditions Controlled temperatures Frozen,-5 - 0 degrees celsius
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Crabs are tropical or subtropical crustaceans that have a short tail hidden in the thorax. Male crabs tend to have more extended claws than female ones. Morocco crabs are a popular delicacy for the locals as well as tourists. Morocco is known for having among the most diverse seafood options for seafood lovers, and crabs happen to be in the list!

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 The fishing industry in Morocco is the second most important after farming. It contributes to 2.3% of the countries GDP. About 3 Million Moroccans depend on fishing as a source of income.

Morocco’s waters, with a 3500-kilometre coastline bordering both the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans, has made her home to millions of species of fish. Currently, Morocco is the leading exporter for fish and crustaceans in Africa after Namibia.

Morocco crabs are fished throughout the year. However, their peak season is during winter, between December to February as they tend to move to the shallow ends. During spawning, restrictory measures are implied by the Moroccan government to avoid overfishing.

There are two varieties of Morocco crabs, and these are the edible crabs and spider crabs

Edible crabs-The brown crab or edible crab is a brownish-red crab that is oval in shape. It has a crustlike exoskeleton and black claw tips. It could weigh up to 3kg and 25 cm in length.

Spider Crabs- The spider crab is native to NorthEast Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea. It is a migratory species with orange claws.

Trawling method of fishing is used to harvest the crabs where the trawl nets are thrown in depths ranging from 50-200 metres. They are then sorted and processed on the sea then kept in ice tanks. 

Morocco crabs are packed in standard 10kg or 12kg cartons containing 1kg and 2kg crabs respectively. They are stored frozen at -5 – 0 degrees Celsius ready for export or dispatch to the local market.

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