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Varieties Dent corn, flint corn,
Common Names corn
Packing 15,20,25,40,50 Kg Bags or according to customer needs
Size The maize plant is often 3 m (10 ft) in height, though some natural strains can grow 13 m (43 ft).
Availability (season) October to December
Transportation Conditions Relative humidity of 70 - 75%
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Malawi maize is commonly known as corn, maize (Zea mays L.) is one of the most grown crops in Malawi and is grown all over the country. For maize farming to be successful, it depends on applying the correct inputs of production that sustain the environment as well as enhance the production. The inputs are fertilizers, insect and disease control, harvesting, marketing, and also financial resources. 

Malawi maize farming has changed extraordinarily in the previous 10 to 20 years. This has been caused by significant research and market for quality seed and was started in 2005. The country’s principal objective is to give smallholder farmers auspicious access to half breed maize seed and compost, with the target of expanding nourishment security. Maize in Malawi is mainly grown in the southern and central regions, which mostly grow the dent variety, which matures early compared to the flint corn that is produced in the northern and eastern areas, which takes longer to grow. 

Due to its shallow roots, maize does not do well in dry spells; it is intolerant to supplement deficient soils, and inclined to be evacuated by serious breezes. Maize does well in the summer temperatures when they range between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius. For optimum growth, maize needs warm soils for better germination after planting. The seeds require a minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius to germinate. They usually sprout within a week of planting. 

The plant is ready for harvesting after 6-9 months of planting according to the variety and the area planted. Dent corn is ready after six months, while flint corn is ready after around nine months. They are either harvested green or waited till they dry. Harvesting is done by cutting the whole maize plant to the ground. For the dry harvesting, the maize plants are harvested when they change color from green to brown. They are then sun-dried to make sure that the moisture content in the seeds is favorable for long time storage. 

Maize from Malawi is usually shipped in bulk. Some clients also prefer it packed in bags of 50 kilos. During transportation, they require a temperature that is not lower than 20degrees Celsius. For storage in silos, the humidity of the grain must be adequately low to make sure that they do not develop dangerous chemicals known as aflatoxins that results from dampness in cereals.  

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