Selina Wamucii provides high quality Kenya macadamia nuts to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Kenya macadamia nuts from family growers in the country.

Macadamia nuts from the tree macadamia (Ternifolia F. muell.) thrive in Kenya in the highlands. The name of the plant comes from John Macadam, who was a statesman and botanist from Australia, the native place for the tree. The species, however, was discovered as late as the 1820s courtesy of Allan Cunningham. The term ‘macadamia’ first entered daily use in 1857.

Macadamia is rich in fat content which reaches 116 percent of the daily value. Though the bulk fat content is saturated, most of it is lost during the roasting process, leaving the unsaturated oil. The nut comes with a dietary fiber concentration of 36 percent while protein stands at 16 percent of the daily value. The iron content for the transportation of oxygen in blood is 20 percent while vitamin B-6 comes at 15 percent. The nut has a magnesium concentration of 32 percent of the daily requirements for enhancing metabolism and strengthening bones.

We source Kenya macadamia nuts from the heart of Central Kenya especially in Thika, Murang’a and Kiambu. We also have family growers all over the Mountain region ranging from Meru to Embu and the neighboring Eastern Province regions. Family growers usually intercrop the trees with other fruits including avocado. We source from only farmers who have Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates.

Soon after harvesting Kenya macadamia units, we place them into de-husking machines. We first of all remove the pericarp or husk that hides the nuts away. We then heat the hard shelled seeds at temperatures between 40 and 50° Celsius when they are inside meshed bags so as to allow the hot air to blow inside. We air blow the nuts to fasten the drying extent to less than 12 percent of the moisture reserves.

We process macadamia nuts right after harvesting. The next stage after de-husking involves the cracking of the nuts through a cracker machine, before placing the resulting nut kernels into a roasting oven. We heat them continuously for abut 30 minutes under temperatures of up to 135° Celsius. To prevent the spilling over of the cracking nuts, we use widescreen roasting ovens though in other cases flat pans at low heating also serve the purpose.

Before packing Kenya macadamia nuts, we check one last time that they are of the right crisp color. We can enhance the crisping through the adding of salt and a little vegetable oil though this does necessarily happen unless you request. This final cooking process never exceeds three minutes. We immediately keep the crisp dried nuts into airtight tin packets for sale.

We pack Kenya macadamia nuts in foil bags that have lead-free sealants. The bags have bottom pads that keep shakiness during the transportation phase at a minimum. Instead of using carbon dioxide vacuum, we go for the internationally accredited nitrogen vacuuming material for overcoming the oxygen that impacts on freshness. Alternatively, we provide vacuum bags that are free of any gas.

Whether available in tins or foil bags, we label each of our Kenya macadamia nuts. The wording includes such features as the weight, the date of processing and net weight.

We transport the macadamia nuts via special delivery trucks to the airport in Nairobi. You can expect the pre-cooled processed whole nuts to reach your destination in Europe or the Middle-east in one to two days after dispatch.

Selina Wamucii is therefore your one-stop-supplier of whole Kenya macadamia nuts that naturally grow in the central parts of the country. Just like our quality parameters are internationally-accredited, so are our quantity parameters exacting to your total tonnage that you request. Our prices are quite competitive and reflect the market conditions. Make your order today!

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