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  • Zambia Groundnuts
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Produce Zambia groundnuts
Varieties Valencia,Virginia,Spanish,Runner
Common names Arachis hypogaea
Packing 50g,100g,250g
Size 10mm wide
Availability All year round
Transportation conditions 30 degrees
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Zambia Groundnuts cover approximately 9 percent of cultivated land in Zambia. Groundnuts in Zambia are roasted, eaten raw, or crushed to make peanut powder. They are a rich source of protein and edible oils. 

Groundnuts are also known as peanuts or monkey nuts. Scientifically, they are known as Arachis hypogaea. Groundnut is a species in the legume family first cultivated in the Paraguay valleys.

The nuts have a rich, nutty flavor with a sweet taste and crunchy texture.they have a very long shelf life too. Groundnut is a major oilseed crop on Zambia

Zambia groundnuts originated in Brazil, where it was combined with maize to make a drink, it was later introduced to Zambia by Brazilian farmers in the 1700s due to Zambia’s favorable weather conditions.

Peanut plants are usually small, thinned stemmed plants, the nuts are known to fight depression and improve fertility. Mostly groundnut is sold with the shell, often roasted and salted.

There are many varieties of peanuts. The common types grown in Zambia are Virginia, Spanish, Valencia, and runner.

Runner groundnut: These are the most common type of groundnuts. They are brown in color and mostly used to make peanut butter. 

Virginia groundnuts: They are grown in Virginia hence the name. They produce the largest nuts and most often used as a snack. 

Spanish ground.nuts: These are grown in texas and are characterized by red skin. They are shelled and salted and are also sold as snacks. They make peanut butter too.
Valencia groundnuts: These are known for their sweet taste and are mostly used for boiling recipes.

Groundnuts perform best in warm areas below 100 and 500 meters above the sea level. Cold temperatures tamper with the flowering and fruit formation process. Shelled groundnuts are placed on the soil and covered with one inch of soil, so they sprout quickly. The seedlings are then transplanted 2 inches in the ground and 8 inches apart. 

It takes about five months for groundnuts to mature depending on the variety. Harvesting is done either by hand or mechanically by machines. 

After harvesting, groundnuts are first dried to get rid of all the moisture then packed in vacuum bags, or nitrogen flows to get rid of all the oxygen hence preserving the quality. The packing bags are smaller than 1 kg size.

Zambia groundnuts are a significant source of income for the local groundnuts farmers. This platform enables you to buy Zambia peanuts without much struggle at your comfort.

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