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Uganda pineapple juice is the product of one of the more refined fruits in the country that came by way of Kenya during pre-colonial times via Swahili traders. Though Uganda has 0.35 percent of pineapple production levels in East Africa, its enanansi fruit, as locals call it, has a distinctly sweet taste. This is why a single large fruit often goes for one-and-a-half dollars in the country. The same applies to juice which is in high demand but processing plants are few.  Some of these plants like in Luweero district are farmer-led. The biggest source of the pineapple for processing or table export is the central region.

Taking pineapple juice is a leeway into proper digestion and immunity against diseases. In the first context, this natural drink is the only important plant-based provider of bromelain, which aids in protein digestion during a typical dinner. Its vitamin C reserve of about 119 milligrams per 100 grams boosts disease immunity. It also prevents the ravages of arthritis and indigestion.

We source the raw materials for Uganda pineapple juice from Kayunga district in the center of the country. Other areas include Luweero, a point for juice production. We only contract family growers with less than two acres of land that they cultivate under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). They forgo commercial fertilizers and pesticides in favor of farmyard manure and use natural pest protection.

We harvest Uganda pineapples by the use of sharp knives that slash off the base of the plant where it meets the stalk. Though we go for fully ripe fruits, we also pick them while mature and ripen them before processing. We immediately transport them to the factory for washing and juice extraction.

We process Uganda pineapple juice by first washing them in cold, purified water. Sorting involves the removal of vines, debris and peels. We peel the fruits manually or by steam. In the latter case, we hose the fruits at high pressure. This loosens the skin which becomes easy to rub off by a machine.

We then pulp the fruits after slicing or dicing them by machines. In most industrial processes, sugar is usually an additive to neutralize the sweetness of the pulp. Sometimes even water or other pineapple juice goes into the pulp.

The pulp then features into a crushing machine that squeezes the juice out of it. After the addition of natural preservatives, the crude juice is ready for collecting, filtration and then packing. We can opt to extend this step and instead make concentrate. We usually extract the juice and then take it through a pasteurization tank to remove impurities. We then micro-filter it by the reverse osmosis process before evaporating it. The thick concentrate then goes into a condensation chamber where it is ready for collection and labeling.

We pack Uganda pineapple juice in PET bottles, aromatherapy glass jars, cans and plastic bottles. We pump vacuum into each container to prolong the shelf life of the juice. We preserve each packet in bags that we then secure in cartons for physical protection. Our 500 ml, 1 l, 7 l and other flexible measures of the juice come in clearly labeled packets. These feature the date of processing, the net weight, the source and the destination.

We store Uganda pineapple juice at the base temperature of 0 degrees and a maximum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. We maintain the fresh cargo in a cool, dry environment, away from the light inside our cold room.

We transport the fruit juice in special fresh produce vans. These come fitted with refrigeration equipment that extends the shelf life of the product. You can expect the dispatch from Entebbe to reach your destination in a day or two.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to one of the sweetest natural juices around, then it was time you requested for Uganda pineapple juice. After we source them from the cool parts of the country, our fruits go through careful inspection coupled with phytosanitary handling so that their by-products reach you as pictures of health. You have our word for correct tonnage as we have scores of farmers who readily supply us with fruits for processing each year. You also get very pocket-friendly prices that will never break the bank.  Make an order today!


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