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VarietiesOff-white, Gold, Brown, Red, Gray, and Black
Season50 kg bags or as per the client specifications
PackingMid-July Planting, October-November harvesting
StorageCool and dry place with temperatures below 18 degrees Celsius
Transport ConditionsRelative humidity 89%- 90%, temperature below 18 degrees Celsius
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South Sudan sesame seeds are well known for their high-quality worldwide. Sesame (Sesame indicum L.), is an oilseed that was introduced to Sudan by the British government between 1944 and 1945. Sudan has more than 2.5 million Ha of land dedicated for sesame planting. South Sudan is one of the leading exporters of sesame seeds after India.

The sesame plant grows to a height of approximately 20-60 inches. With its extensive root system, the sesame plant is highly drought-tolerant. It can grow in all types of soil and does even better in neutral, well-drained pH soils. In places with extreme temperatures such as South Sudan, the sesame takes a shorter period to mature, than the usual 90-120 days.

In South Sudan, most of the land is devoted to growing sesame seeds with smallholder farmers being the majority of the growers. Due to the inadequate rains, the planting season of the sesame takes place in mid-July, while the harvest takes place in September and October, which are drier. Approximately, South Sudan produces around 200k MT and exports almost 44% of the sesame seeds it produces. Egypt, the Middle East and Asia make up a more significant part of the main markets for the South Sudan sesame.

There is quite a variety when it comes to South Sudan sesame, from the off-white, gold, brown, red, grey to black. The most common type for export is the off-white/ white variety. There are several uses for the sesame seeds, some of them being baking, making sweets, making soup and producing sesame oil among others.

During the harvesting seasons of the sesame seeds workers are even brought from neighbouring countries such as Ethiopia to help with the harvesting exercise. After harvesting, the seeds are first screened and cleaned before being packaged for export. They can be packed in 50 kg bags or as per the client’s requirements and later packed in 20 or 40 MT containers. These sesame seeds are stored and transported in relatively cool and dry spaces.

Most of the sesame seeds are exported in raw form, whereas the remaining ones can either be processed for oil or used in making snacks and distributed to the local supermarkets or retailers. There is very minimal export of processed sesame seeds. 

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