• Senegal Cashew Nuts
  • Senegal Cashew Nuts
  • Senegal Cashew Nuts
  • Senegal Cashew Nuts

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Variety W – 180, W – 210, W – 240, W – 320, W – 450
Size 10mm-20mm
Season February, March, April, May, June, July, August
Packing Vacuum packed in 11.4 kg cartons, 250 grams,500 grams, As per clients' specifications
Storage Sored in cool, dry conditions, room temperature 14-21 degrees celcius
Transport Conditions 5-25 degrees Celsius, clean, dry, well-ventilated containers, controlled humidity
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The Senegal cashew nuts tree is an evergreen tropical tree that produces the cashew seed and the cashew apple. It is the cashew seed that is considered a nut, especially in the culinary sense. Cashew nuts are used in recipes or processed into cashew butter for cosmetic use or eaten on its own.

Cashew nut farming began in Senegal as early as the 1940s but has only recently evolved into a great commercial plant. Senegal is now of the biggest cashew nut suppliers in West Africa and potentially to the rest of the world.

The cashew seed is of the genus Anarcadium and the occidentale family hence its scientific name, Anacardium occidentale.

The cashew tree grows up to a height of 12 cm under the right climatic and soil conditions. However, there is a dwarf variety that grows only to about 6cm. This dwarf variety is believed to be more profitable as it matures earlier and produces more seeds. It also presents the best quality cashew nuts. The nut is about the size of a coffee bean.

Senegal produces a range of cashew nuts, about 33 types. Some are native, while some were introduced to the country as a result of trade and migration. The most common types include.

  • W – 180: this is also known as the ‘King of Cashew. ‘ They are relatively larger and are the most expensive.
  • W – 210: These types of nuts are popularly known as large nuts.
  • W – 240: This is an attractive breed that is averagely priced
  • W – 320; these cashew nuts are the most popular among cashew species and are the most available in the market
  • W – 450: this type is the smallest and cheapest. It is characterized by whole white kernels and is more prevalent among low priced whole grades.

Cashew nuts do well in deep, well-drained sandy-loamy soils in warm, sub-tropical climates. Flowering is greatly affected by weather conditions and, as such, varies in different trees. When flowering begins, it continues for three months with high temperatures leading to a higher flowering rate.

Pollination then occurs, mostly by insects, after which it takes about 6-8 weeks for the fruit to develop. The nut matures first, then the apples develop and enlarge about two weeks before the harvest period.

The nuts are harvested as soon as possible and dried before storage. They are packed in polybags or vacuumed tins filled with carbon dioxide and sealed to maintain the freshness and quality of the kernels for marketing. They are then stored in temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius.

Senegal cashew nuts are transported in 20feet containers that are clean, well ventilated and dry. Each container carries about 700 cartons. The temperature inside the trucks and containers is regulated to between 5-25 degrees Celsius.

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