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VarietiesWhite sesame, Brown sesame,Black sesame
Packing 20-25 kg new PP plastic bags
StorageMoisture-free conditions The humidity of approximately 50%
Size 3-4mm long 1mm thick
Availability April to November
Transport Conditions5°c-25°c 70% relative humidity
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Sesame seed has been for over 5000 years, a source of edible oil. The Niger seed can be sold at various stages of processing, for instance as paste as a meal as confections and as bakery products. These sesame seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E, calcium and essential amino acids. In addition, they have the highest oil content compared to other oil crops, and they contain some antioxidants that make them one of the world’s most stable vegetable oil.

Sesamum indicum is the flowering plant of the Niger sesame seeds. This plant is characteristic of tropical regions globally. It is said to have a similar age as the existence of man, consequently making it the oldest oilseed known to man. Sesame seed was domesticated for consumption over 3000 years ago. Archaeology says it was first domesticated in India 5500 years ago. 

The Niger sesame seed tree grows between 50 and 100 cm with white tubular flowers and opposite leaves of 4 to 14 cm. The sesame capsule is between 0.5 and 2 cm, is pubescent, rectangular and has a short triangle-like beak. The sesame seeds are about 3 to 4 mm long and 1 mm thick. They are ovate and slightly flattened. The seed cost could either be smooth or ribbed, and they weigh 20 to 40 mg.

Sesame seeds occupy the eighth position in the oilseeds production globally. As of the year 2011, Niger has an annual production quantity of 88,517 tonnes. The country holds a 2% world share of output and ranks in ninth position in the world in terms of production. The sesame seeds are available in the country between the months of April and November. 

The black variety of sesame seeds in Niger have a strong aroma and a rich flavour. 

Niger sesame seeds thrive on well-drained loam soils with neutral pH. (5.5-6.7). They require 3 to 4 months frost-free with warm conditions above 23°c. The plant is drought tolerant but requires water in the germination and initial growth period.

Harvesting of sesame seeds in Niger is manual by cutting the plants and placing them upright as they ripen till all capsules open. The seeds have to get harvested when as dry as can be because their small size makes them difficult to dry outside of the plant.  They then get stored in moisture-free conditions with an approximate 50% humidity rate. After, they get cleaned then hulled and sorted for quality. They are packed in plastic bags that weigh 20-25kg and transported under 5°c-25°c temperature and 70% relative humidity conditions. 

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