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Common Names Benne
Packing 25KG, 90 KG Gunny bags
Size 3mm – 4mm long 2mm – 3mm wide
Availability (Season) November - April
Transportation Conditions Controlled environment free of moisture
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If you’re a fan of the folk tale “Alibaba and the Forty Thieves,” you have probably heard of the phrase “Open sesame,” which is a magic phrase that opens a cave. Cameroon sesame seeds, on the other hand, can be termed as small seeds that have a magical effect on the health of our bodies. 

Sesamum is an annual flowering plant that grows to heights of between fifty to a hundred centimeters. The plant is characterized by opposite, lanceolate leaves anchored on the stem. 

Oil makes up for over 50% of Sesame seeds composition. Sesame seeds have used the world over, mostly indifferent cuisines, majorly due to their rich and nutty flavor. 

According to history books, the sesame plant is said to have been first domesticated over 3000 years ago. The sesame plant is naturalized in many tropical areas, and some species of the plant grow wildly in Africa. 

Cameroon produces an average of more than 60,000 tons of sesame seeds annually, which represents 0.1% of the world’s production.

As is in other parts around the tropics, some of Cameroon’s sesame seeds grow in the wild. The plant is mostly produced by small scale farmers in rural areas. 

Statistics indicate that the demand for Cameroon sesame seeds is increasing each year. The Cameroon government has put measures to ensure that the country increases its production. 

The two main types of sesame seeds in Cameroon are white and black. The white varietal usually is brown, but after hulling to remove the top shell, it becomes white. The white sesame seeds variety is also considered sweeter with a nutty taste. The peak season for Cameroon sesame seeds is from November to April. 

Rainfall of 700mm to 1000mm is needed to achieve the highest yields of sesame seeds. Warm conditions of above 23°C, well-textured, fertile, and neutral pH soils are other conditions required for sesame seeds to flourish. Additionally, the drought-resistant and disease tolerant nature of the sesame plant makes it easier to cultivate in Cameroon. 

Sesame seeds are harvested during periods of little to no wind. This ensures that the harvesting is not complicated since the seeds are lightweight. In Cameroon, the sesame seeds are then cleaned and hulled then packaged for export. 

Cameroon exported sesame seeds worth just over $2 million in 2018. Main export markets of sesame seeds include countries such as China and the United States.  

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