• Benin Cashew Nuts
  • Benin Cashew Nuts
  • Benin Cashew Nuts
  • Benin Cashew Nuts

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Size 7mm-20mm
Variety W – 180, W – 210, W – 240, W – 320, W – 450
Season March-June
Storage Cool, dry place, refrigerated, air-tight containers, poly sacks. Vacuum packed as per clients specification
Packing Vaccum packed in 11.4 kg cartons, tins, plastic bags
Transport conditions 5% MOISTURE, 65% humidity, less than 10 degrees Celsius, dry, well ventilated containers
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Benin cashew nuts export is the countries second-largest export after cotton. The cashew nut sector accounts for 3% of the country’s GNP and 25% of the total value from agricultural export.

Cashew nuts are borne of the cashew plant, which is an evergreen tree. This plant is native to the tropical regions of Brazil and was spread to other parts of the world as a result of trade and migration. Most of the commercially produced cashew nuts in the world are from African and India, with Benin being one of the top producers in West Africa.

Cashews are known to have significant health benefits. It prevents blood diseases and heart health problems. Cashew nuts are rich in fibre and are mostly incorporated in weight loss diets. Oil from the nuts is used in the cosmetic industry to manufacture hair oil and skin lotion

The Annarcadium occidentale grows up to 14 meters in height under natural conditions. There are, however, dwarf varieties of this plant that can only grow up to 6 meters high. This plant produces golden yellow or red fruits

The fruits of this plant are known as cashew nuts or the cashew apple. They are oval or pear shape with fragile skin in a smooth coating. These fruits are usually small, measuring up to five centimetres to eleven centimetres in length.

Benin cashew nuts are top quality due to its eco-friendly production environment and excellent farming practices. The country has fertile soil and great climatic patterns that are favourable for the production of this crop. Farmers in the country also use little or no chemical input during the cultivation of the cashew nuts hence producing high-quality organic nuts.

The type of cashew nuts grown in Benin can be categorized into three major categories; the best, the standard and ‘other’ varieties. The best range is produced for export, while the other variety is produced mostly for local commercial use.

The best varieties range from KOR 48-KOR 51 and produce about 80-90 nuts per kilogram. This is the most superior quality type of cashew nuts produced in Benin. The standard variety produces about 100-140 nuts per kilogram and ranges between KOR 45 AND KOR 48. The ‘other’ variety is mostly for local use and produces about 170-190 nuts per kilogram. It ranges from KOR 43 to KOR 45.

Unlike most crops, the cashew plant thrives better in sandy soils with pH ranging between 3.8 and 6.5. They will not flourish in saline soils or valleys and hilly areas. The soil needs to be well-drained and not swampy or dry. They are harvested about two weeks after the fruits are produced. Else, you can wait for the fruit drop to the ground before you handpick them. The crop season for cashew nuts in Benin is between March and June.

The shelf life for these nuts is short when stored at room temperature. It is therefore advisable to store under refrigerated conditions or frozen to increase the product shelf life to between six months and one year. They should be stored in cool, dry places as interaction with moisture leads to rotting and molding of the fruit.

The processed nuts are packed in poly sacks for transport to the market. They can also be packed in standard polythene bags or jute bags, depending on the clients’ orders. The packaging material should be airtight to prevent the absorption of air and moisture.

It is essential to handle the product carefully during loading for transport. The packaged product should be protected from pests, insects and mechanical damage that may occur due to external pressure during shipping. This is because the product may dent, leading to a decrease in market value.

Transport containers should be dark and well ventilated with less than 5% moisture and relative humidity of 65%. Temperatures should be set to less than ten degrees Celsius.

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