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Produce Zambia live poultry
Varieties Ducks,chicken,geese,quails,pheasants,turkey,fowls
Common names Birds
Packing 1kg
Size 1 to 4kgs heavy
Availability All year round
Transportation conditions 30 degrees
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Zambia live poultry refers to domestic birds reared by farmers for various products eg, eggs, meat, and feathers. They range from ducks, chicken, turkey, geese, fowls, pigeons, pheasants, and quails. The most popular poultry is chicken.

The first poultry was domesticated over 3000 years ago in Asia, and since then, they have been reared for meat and eggs. Poultry is found in almost every homestead in Zambia.

All poultry birds produce white meat, which is a major delicacy in homesteads and even hotels. Other poultry products are eggs and feathers. Most poultry birds are classified into layers and broilers. After beef, poultry is the most consumed meat in Zambia. Poultry farming in Zambia has employed over 80,000 people. Zambia live poultry farming began in 2000BC in southeast Asia. The first bird to be domesticated was the fowl. Today in Zambia, poultry is embraced in almost every household as a source of income and food. 

There are four main varieties of live poultry in Zambia: 

Chicken: These are medium-sized birds characterized by red combs and waffle on their heads. Males are known as cocks, while females are called hens. Some communities rear cocks for cockfighting.

Ducks: This is an aquatic bird with short webbed feet. Males are often larger than females. They feed n shallow water by dabbling. They are too heavy; hence do not fly. 

Geese: These are much larger than chicken and have a large knob at the base of the beak. They are mostly reared for meat. The Chinese goose is aggressive and noisy hence used for security as a guard to warn of intruders.

Turkeys: These are large birds with fan-shaped tails and fleshy wattles. Mostly they are reared for special occasions such as thanksgiving due to their fleshy nature.

Other types of poultry are guinea fowls, quails, and squabs. Poultry is reared in hatches. The minimum rule is two to three square feet per bird. If well-fed, layers will lay one egg daily while the broilers will be ready for meat production in 5 to 9 weeks.

At nine weeks, an average broiler weighs around 12 pounds. Poultry can be raised in a cage or left to roam around freely. Once slaughtered, broilers are refrigerated ready for export and consumption. Mostly they are sold in 1kg packs or whole.

The eggs from the layers are packed in trays containing 30 eggs each. Poultry meat is perishable; hence it is advised to keep it frozen till the consumption time.

The top 5 importers of live poultry are Germany, Netherlands, France, Malaysia, and the USA. Poultry food products are popular in most parts of the world, and every restaurant offers a global range of poultry meat meals.

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