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Varietes Boer, Kalahari reds, Cashmere and Angora
Grades Based on weight, age and physical appearance. Grade 1- 2-5 years, excellent physical conditions, fat Grade 2- 2-5 years, good physical conditions normal weight Grade 3 - 2-4 years, fair physical conditions, normal body weight
Season All year round
Transport Conditions Well ventilated trucks, disease-free, 40 heads per tuck
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South Africa live goats are an option for many African countries. It accounts for 70% of the total live goats exported across the world. Over the years, the country has invested in research to attain the best breeds of goats for milk and meat. Goats are the most domesticated animals in the arid and semiarid areas. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, drought and tropical diseases.

Goats provide milk, meat and fibre. According to research, 70% of the meat consumed in the world is goat meat. The goat business is lucrative across the globe due to its highly nutritious and easily digestible milk. Some breed such as the Cashmere and Angora are reared in South Africa for fibre. Other advantages of rearing goats are that they are economical. They require limited medical care, and they feed a little less as compared to other animals.

Among the breed, the south Africa exports include the Boer goats. The Boer goats are a good source of meat. The kind is native to South Africa and is scientifically improved to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of Africa. The meat provided by the Boer goat is said to be healthy as it is low in calories. The Boer breed is a heavily muscled animal with a high fertility quality. It reproduces for more extended periods. The goat also matures very fast. Within three months, the South African Boer goat is ready for slaughter.

Farmers crossbreed the Boer goat with other species for improved meat production. Apart from the low-fat quality, the meat has a good taste and flavour. It is an alternative to chicken and fish.  

The South African Boer goat previously exported to the Middle East and North Africa where it has been performing well and effectively reproducing.

The other South African goat breed commonly exported is the Kalahari reds. The kind has undergone development in South Africa since the 1970s. Kalahari breeds are a crossbreed of South Africa and Namibian red goats. South African red goats are bred and advanced through natural selection whereby only the fit survive. The process ensures that only the best breeds survive. 

The name Kalahari was borrowed from the Kalahari desert. The goat can survive harsh weather conditions and resist common diseases. The breed is reared mainly for milk production, and its meat is also of high quality. 

South Africa live goats are mainly transported by air to different destinations. Leading importers of South African live goats are Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Swaziland, Senegal, Sudan and Namibia. In other cases, the goats’ transportation happens by road depending on the distance to the destination.

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