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VarietiesAngora goat
SeasonAll through the year
GradesBased on weight, age and physical appearance. Grade 1- 2-5 years, excellent physical conditions, fat Grade 2- 2-5 years, good physical conditions normal weight Grade 3 - 2-4 years, fair physical conditions, normal body weight
Transport ConditionsTransported under a controlled temperature below 32 degrees Celsius
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Lesotho is among the exporters of live goats in Africa and is well known for its Angora goats reared by the pastoralist communities in the country. The country provides indigenous live goat both to the local and the foreign market.

Lesotho live sheep industry is among the economic boosters of the country. Live goats are a source of income to the farmers from the sale of mohair and goat meat. The Angora goat also provides meat and milk to the Basotho community. Mohair from the sheep contributes about 14% of the total national income. The livestock export, i.e. income from cattle, sheep and goats, is about 2.74 million US dollar annually. Most of the product from goat is mohair. The population of Lesotho goats has been declining over the years due to diseases which cause a high mortality rate. The Lesotho goats are reared for their milk because they considered being the most nutritious.

Live goat is exported mainly to South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Goats mostly reared in the Malimo-nthuse area.

There is only one variety of goats reared in Lesotho, that is, the Angora goat. The Angora goat has a paired of curved horns to the back. Their ears are pendulous. They have short small-sized legs. Male goats produce up to 11 pounds of skirted fibre and the female produce 8 pounds of skirted fibre. 

Lesotho live goats are reared in the lowlands and the highlands. They can survive in regions which are desert, dry to semi-desert. They also survive in humid and sub-humid regions.

They have thick mohair which protects them from cold.

Herders build shades for the goat to give them ample environment, protection against predictors and protect them against adverse weather conditions such as too much heat. 

Lesotho live goats are sourced directly from the small scale farmers in the country or through auction trading in the various towns in the country. They can exchange with other products in the butter trade market. The price varies according to the bargaining power of the customer.

The Lesotho live goats are available throughout the year. The goats are transported to the marker by designed trucks. They also inspected to single the injured goats. They are then transported by railway to the export destinations.

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