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Varieties Dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna
Common name tuna
Packing 2kg-5kg cartons,As per buyer requirement
Storage 0 degrees Celcius
Size Range from 50cm to about 4feet,1kg-350kgs
Availability June to November
Transport conditions Transported in coolers to maintain required temperatures.
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Seychelles is recognized globally for hosting the most significant tuna canning factory in the world. In the country, tuna is widely consumed locally as well as in the export market. Tuna plays a critical role in the nation`s economy. 


Tuna is a saltwater fish belonging to the mackerel family. Its sizes vary from the bullet tuna (max length 50cm) to the Atlantic bluefin tuna (max length 4.6m). Tuna is classified among the fastest swimming fish, which is mostly due to its streamlined body, which allows it to move faster against opposing water currents.


Tuna is an important commercial fish and is among the most consumed fish globally. Besides as a profitable exercise, tuna fishing is sometimes carried out as a recreational exercise as many people around the world tend to find this exercise an enjoyable one.


Over the past few years, tuna rearing has gone up tremendously as the demand for the fish continues to go up in the global market. Tuna is famous for its wide range of availability and uses which include making of oil which is considered a remedy for some ailments by people of particular cultures, making of foods such as sushi and the tuna is also available in canned form. 


Seychelles tuna industry has grown tremendously over the past decade and tuna has quickly made its way to the top of the country`s export industry. Seychelles is an island country hence giving her an added advantage due to its access to the ocean. The country`s government has also been a significant player in the fishing industry as it has provided fishing equipment and even taken a big step in setting up what is considered to be the world`s largest tuna canning factory in the world.


Since the onset of tuna fishing in the 1980s, the activity has played a significant role in the country`s economy is one of the leading foreign exchange earners of the nation.


The leading varieties of Seychelles tuna are;

  • Dogtooth tuna- this fish is famous for its large size and pre-dominant dog-like teeth. They grow to a weight of about 60-70kg  
  • Yellowfin tuna- these fish grow to a size of about 50-60 pounds and are also a good catch for any fisherman out in the sea.


It is possible to access tuna all through the year as they are available all year round. However, they peak during the tuna fishing seasons. This is from the month of June to November.

But just as mentioned earlier, tuna is also available during the off-seasons.


Tuna fishing is mostly carried out by the use of vessels and specialised equipment such as harpoon guns and dedicated fishing poles. The fish are known to be aggressive; therefore, caution is taken during the exercise to prevent harm from coming to the fishermen.


After the exercise is complete, the fish are stored in low temperatures to prevent them from going bad. They are then transported to the Indian ocean tuna factory from where they are processed to the various forms which they are to be exported. Tuna is also consumed mainly by the locals; therefore, some is also taken to the local markets.


Tuna packing is done according to size, freshness, texture and fat content. The fish are often packed in boxes ranging from 2-5kg or according to the buyer`s specifications.


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