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Produce Mauritius shrimps and prawns
Varieties non-decapod "shrimp." Ostracoda
Common Names Crustacean
Packing 10 g to 2kgs of shrimp packets Per client needs
Size 30-35grams
Availability (season) July to December
Transportation Conditions airtight frozen containers
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The Mauritius shrimps and prawns are a well-known delicacy with the locals as well as tourists. Shrimps are used to refer to a wide range of sea creatures though there are the main fish-like creatures by the name. They are in the fish family only that they are smaller in size. Shrimps and prawns are confused and used interchangeably to mean the same creature by many, but there are differences between the two. 

Mauritius shrimps and prawns farming dates back to the early 1970s. Mauritius shrimps and prawns were farmed by the white men in the country in ponds and used to supplement their diets. They were, however, not accepted in the country by other farmers until the late 1990s when they started taking it as commercial production. Shrimps and prawns are produced for their meat, which is highly nutritious and is cheap compared to other sources of the same nutrition value. 

Two primary varieties are bred and reared in Mauritius. The non-decapod and Ostracoda shrimps. The non-decapod is mainly a freshwater shrimp while the Ostracoda does well in both freshwater and salty water, which differentiates the two. 

Shrimps and prawns do well in well-regulated water. The freshwater shrimps are mostly found in the northern part of Mauritius as the southern and western sides, which are producers, have salty water, which makes the Ostracoda be the only one produced in these parts. Shrimps and prawn farming is not labor-intensive as they are fed twice per day. They should be fed early in the morning and late in the evening when the sun is not hot. Hot sun makes their growth slow, thus the need to cover the ponds. The covers also act as protection against prey such as birds that eat the shrimps and prawns in the ponds. It also prevents contamination of the pond water by objects that can be blown into it by the wind. For maximum growth, they require the ponds water to have temperatures between 25 and 34 degrees Celsius during the day and temperatures not lower than 27degrees Celcius during the night. 

Shrimps and prawns are ready to be harvested 3-4 months after they are introduced into the ponds. This is according to the areas they are grown and the time of the year. The oned that are reared in the cold seasons take four months while the ones farmed during the warm season take at most 3months to mature. 

They are harvested using nets that have different sizes. The net ensures that they are packed according to their body sizes ready for transport. They are cleaned after harvesting for any residual elements and soil. They are packed in containers that are well refrigerated and transported. They are packed in boxes of various sizes according to the demands of the clients.  

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