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Variety Octopus Vulgaris
Packing Polybags 1-2-5-10-15 kgs
Size 3-4 ft. in length, 5-10kgs
Storage -25°c conditions
Season November to April July to August
Transport Conditions Transported frozen, 1-2days after harvesting
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Mauritania octopus’ production is the cornerstone of the country’s fishing. Did you know that an octopus has three hearts? The Mauritian octopus is a delicacy in many world parts. It can be consumed fried, grilled or cooked together with other meals. 

Octopus Vulgaris has eight limbs known as appendages. This bilaterally symmetrical fish has two eyes, a beak and its mouth are at the centre of its limbs. As a result of soft tissues, it has a body so soft that is capable of altering its shape through contraction and contortion. It has two eyes at the top of its head that offer excellent eyesight and are a very intelligent invertebrate. Its gills are located in its mantle cavity. The inner surface of its arms have suckers that enable it to anchor itself. An adult octopus is about 15kg and one arm length of 14ft. 

The Mauritania octopus matures quickly but is short-lived with some species only having as little as six months. The reason for its limited lifespan is its reproduction process. All octopuses have venom, but only the blue-ringed octopus is deadly to humans. 

Octopus ancestors are recorded to have been in the Carboniferous seas 300 million ago, but the oldest fossil lived 296 million years ago. In most ancient mythology, the octopus gets portrayed as a monster animal. 

Octopus of all cephalopod fisheries has the highest commercial value and is the most abundant, with a total landing of 65-75%. Mauritania has an annual 800,000- 1.2 M tons octopus’ production level. Octopus fishing in Mauritania began in the mid-70s in the Cape Blanc zone.

Octopus Vulgaris is the common octopus. 100 to 150 meters in depth of temperate and tropical waters are its home, and it is about 1m(3-4ft) in size. It weighs 5-10 kg with a 2-year lifespan.

The optimum temperature for the commercial growth of Mauritian octopus is 16°c – 21°c. Temperatures above that cause a decrease in food intake and growth. This means seasons variations in water temperatures cause differences in availability. An environmental limitation to the execution of fishing in the fishing areas is strong winds. November to April and July to August are the availability months for octopus in the country’s waters. 

Octopus are captured using spearing or hooking, traps or snares, hand collection, pots, and drift fishing. The processing of the fish gets done on the vessel after the catch. Mauritanian octopuses are disembowelled and divided into commercial categories based on their size. They are then frozen at -40°c and kept at -25°c until their landing. The fish is preserved by freezing, drying and salting. The low-level processing of fish that is carried put in Mauritania involves heading, gutting and filleting of the octopus. Packaging for the octopus is done in frozen blocks or polybags of 1-2-5-10-15 kilograms that contain individually quick frozen octopus. Transportation gets done in containers with the octopus in frozen condition.

A great deal of Mauritian octopus’ exports is to Japan.

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