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Madagascar avails great-quality Madagascar Prawns and Shrimps to the local and export markets. Artisan fishers located across the country are the predominant sources of Madagascar prawns and shrimps.


Madagascar ranks as one of the poorest countries worldwide. Over the years shrimp and prawn fishery activities have had substantial impact on thousands of households relying on the sector to put bread on the table. Although semi-industrial and industrial trawlers are some of the biggest players in the sector, local small scale families contribute a sizable chunk of Madagascar prawns and shrimps consumed internally as well as externally annually.

Madagascar produces all types of prawns and shrimps. They come from the commercial pods, river lines, coastlines, fresh and marine waters.

The country’s shrimp and prawns exports hit over $140, 000 in revenue in 2017. The European Union is the main export destination of Madagascar prawns and shrimps. However, most of the nation’s shrimp exports are directed to France followed by China who are the main consumers. The two countries are huge fans particularly of the Malagasy Giant Tiger shrimp. Madagascar shrimps exported to France and China were valued at $88 million and $11.5 million in that order.

Artisan fishers around Lakes and river lines provide exporters with the product. One of the major reasons exporters view them as the most reliable sources is due to the fact that they are all placed under cooperative societies and unions such as Aquaculture Stewardship Culture-ASC. They help artisan fisheries access necessary certification, instill operational excellence and promote responsible aquaculture thus ensuring the final product meets international standards. As a result exporters are able to avail prawns and shrimps of the highest quality particularly to the high demanding export markets.

Over the years some of the biggest challenges the sector has faced are overfishing, ecosystem and diseases. Several measures have been put in place to eradicate these problems such as placing limits on catches, reduction of large scale fishing efforts, pollution restriction, land reclamation and diverting more efforts in disease management mechanisms. The government understands shrimps and prawns production not only plays an economic role but also a social one such food security and creation of tons of employment opportunities.

Export forms

Frozen-This is the main export form of Madagascar prawns and shrimps. The two set of frozen crustaceans accounted for 70% of the total volume of seafood exported from Madagascar.

Other export forms of Madagascar prawns and shrimps include fresh and chilled.


The country is home to a wide range of prawns and species. They include:

Varieties of Prawns

Varieties of Madagascar Prawns range from the white (Penaeus indicus), Pink (Metapenaeus Monoceros), Brown (Penaeus semisulcatus) to Tiger (Penaeus monodon).

On the other hand Madagascar shrimps include:

Penaeus monodon-This kind of shrimp is popular for its great quality and big size. It fetches handsome prices in the market and go up to three times the normal shrimp. It is also very tasty and has a beautiful texture. The standard of Madagascar shrimp is very high.

Giant tiger prawn-The farming of these species takes place mainly in the Mangrove areas. These regions constitute mainly breeding pods systems. Another dominant species is the the wild colossal shrimp.

Benefits of shrimps

The main purpose they serve is that of generating income for the local households which rely on them solely as a means of survival. Fortunately, they fetch good prices at the market. They are also one of the biggest sources of revenue for Madagascar. They both contain omega-3-fatty acids as well as lots of vitamins and proteins. They contain low levels of calories hence the reason they aid in weight loss in the human body. In fact, they contain half the amount of calories found in chicken. Their calories levels are three times less than that in beef. They are some of the healthiest dishes one can consume. The copper, magnesium and phosphorous they constituents helps strengthen bones. Zinc found in shrimps usually provides essential skin and hair growth cells. Often this essential element reduces instances of hair loss and keeps one younger.

Harvesting, packaging and transporting

Fishing of Madagascar prawns and shrimps is undertaken using artisan catching mechanisms. Small scale fishers who are from the local communities own canoes and vessels which they use to carry out the exercise. Fishing tools are usually brand new to ensure they are effective and they include imported fishnets, gill nets and baited hooks.

After catching they are sorted. Sorting is based healthy attributes, species and size. Sizing is followed shortly by freezing to extend the shelf life. It also helps to maintain the freshness and optimal quality of the prawns and shrimps. The products are packed in various weights. They could range from boxes weighing 1.5 kilograms to 2 kilograms. The brand of the company exporting the product is indicated on the boxes. Labeling on the cartoons also show types of shrimps or prawns, packing date, packing conditions, country of origin and the expiry date. The boxes are sealed well to avoid contamination cases.

Madagascar prawns and shrimps are stored under refrigerated conditions at 0°C . They are transported the same day using special vans with similar iced conditions. From Ivato International Airport, the cargo reaches clients within 1-2 days across the world.


Madagascar prawns and shrimps are of the highest quality. As a matter of fact, their unrivaled standards in the market have made them some of the most highly prized commodities. But due to the emergence of cheap low quality prawns and shrimps from the rest of the world, they now sell at relatively fair prices. Make your order!


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