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We provide high quality Ethiopia fish to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia fresh fish from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia fish serves the locals with a ready source of protein because of the large water mass in the country. Though landlocked, the country has 7400 kilometers square of lake area, the largest of which is Lake Tana. There is also a lengthy stretch of river basin that covers 7000 kilometers. The country is not a big exporter of fish but has the potential for producing 51,500 tons each year.

Fish ranks as a major protein source that is 44 percent of the daily value. The omega fatty acids constitute a high percentage for cholesterol control. The aquatic game are also a source of vitamin B12 which is 46 percent of the daily needs.

We source different types of Ethiopia fish from various waters of the country. The main ones include the following.

Nile Cat Fish

Ethiopia catfish or Synodontis batensoda is a fresh water fish that thrives in the Blue Nile. It has a grey to black and rather brownish scales with multiple black dots. It is usually 50 cm in length as an adult. Its distinguishing feature is that it cuts through the water in an upside down posture.

Lake Tana Stone Loach

Botanically known as Afromacheilus abyssinicus, the Stone Loach inhabits the fresh waters of Lake Tana from which flows the Blue Nile. It is a rather tiny fish that rarely exceeds four centimeters. It is however important as a local aquatic food resource.

Nile Tilapia

Representing about 60 percent of all fish catches in the country, this type of fish is one of the most important in Eastern Africa. As an adult, the fish can attain a weight of 2.4 kilograms. It is a major source of body building nutrients for locals around Lake Tana and the Blue Nile. The fish is native to Egypt, Eastern Africa and even Central and West Africa under different names. It is distinctive from its metallic grey or sparkly silver scales.

Nile Perch

Nile perch is much sought after because of its length but it is not very abundant in Ethiopia. It grows to reach 2 meters in length. This means it reaches a higher height than most men and can outweigh many people with its 200 kilo cap. It can thrive in most fresh water reservoirs because it ranks as a very invasive fish.

Handling and Packing

Before packing Ethiopia fish, we process the game into frozen condition for fresh keeping on transit. Our handling process takes place under phytosanitary conditions with the supervision of a PubMed official. We source our fish right from the rivers with the assistance of professional fishermen. We transport the catch the same day to the packing shed in readiness for chilling them. We usually sort and grade the fish according to length, health and breed. We then wash it after bleeding and gutting to remove the parts that may lead to fast deterioration. The next step is freezing the carcass before storing it in fresh wrappings in readiness for sealing in cartons.

There are also situations where floating cages are applicable for reseller markets within Ethiopia. This is where we preserve the fish in oxygenated recyclable water that keeps the catch alive until the customer receives it. However, as this is a tedious prices, we only do it for local resale.

We pack all types of fish from Ethiopia in various laminated film materials. We commonly use LDPE film and low density polyetheylene film. There are also salmon trays that come with film linings for conserving the fish in a sealed box.

We force chilled ice into the packing boxes’ interiors before sealing them for delivery. Each of the fish is covered by ice cubes completely to ensure there is no metabolism during the transportation. We keep the storage temperatures at between -18° Celsius and 0° Celsius. We then transport the fish under licensed meat vans to the airport for fresh dispatch to your destination.

Therefore, you now have got the best supplier of all major aquatic catches from the Blue Nile, Lake Tana and other reservoirs that cover 7000 km square of Ethiopia. We offer the aquatic game in various packages that range from several grams to more than 200 kilos per fish. You can be assured of fair pricing as we consider your budget during each order. You can go ahead and make an order today!

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