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Varieties Bread wheat, Durum wheat
Season November-December
Storage Room temperature 15-21 degrees celsius,
Transprt Conditions Clean dry containers, room temperature, 89-90% relative humidity
Packing 25kg new pp bags, 50kg jute bags
Size 2mm-4mm
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Wheat farming in South Africa forms an essential field of activity. Over the years, South Africa has remained a significant exporter.  Soil moisture, as well as rainfall ultimately determines wheat farming. 

South Africa Wheat originated from the Dutch in early 1910

Wheat in South Africa is ranked second after maize as a cereal crop in plantation and production. Grown in areas which range from 417,500 to 757,700 hectares on total 2014 to 2015 average was 533,000 hectare during production seasons, which produces an average annual production of 1.3M to 2M tons. The regions that produce wheat are; Free State,  Western Cape and Northern Cape. Other regions have less production. The overall requirement for wheat in South Africa is 2.7 million tons, which is higher than the overall production. Annually wheat production in South Africa ranges from 1.3 million to 2 million per hectare at the rate of 2 to 2,5 t/ha under dryland and about 5 t/ha under irrigation.

The Origin of Wheat is from native grasses of arid countries believed to be between Western Asia and Armenia 10,000 years ago. From then, it has been grown globally and rated highly. 

Jan Van Riebeeck believed to have first grown the crop in South Africa in 1652. By 1684 the production of wheat was well recognized in Cape Town.  

South Africa plant Wheat for human consumption especially in making flour for the bread manufacturing, alcoholic beverages as well as animal feed 

South Africa Wheat classified into: 

  1. Bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) a combination of durum wheat and another grass species from 8000 years back
  2. Durum wheat (Triticum) came up from two grass species 10,000 years ago


Bread wheat and durum wheat used to make a range of widely consumed food products

South Africa Wheat is planted when it’s cold and moist then followed by warm and dry season for harvest.

Planting date may vary, but farmers usually start planting after the first rains from Mid April to End of July 

The seeds planted in moist shallow soil

wheat must be dry before being harvested and best months; for harvest is November through December period. 

Wheat harvested by a combine that cuts separate and cleans the grain. This Machine should be adjusted appropriately to reduce wheat losses

They packed in containers and labelled to differentiate the class of wheat than in silos or dry conditions places to avoid moisture and pests then they are transported by Rail, road or ships may be used.

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