• Morocco Red Kidney Beans
  • Morocco Red Kidney Beans
  • Morocco Red Kidney Beans
  • Morocco Red Kidney Beans

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VarietiesLight speckled, Red Kidney beans, Red speckled, Light speckled
Seasons July August
Sizes 0.5 inch
Packing 90 kg sacks
StorageRoom Temperature 15-22 degrees celsius, relative humidity of 89-90%
Transport ConditionsRoom Temperature 15-22 degrees celsius, relative humidity of 89-90%
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Kidney beans are one of the healthiest balanced diet options with a low cost. The beans are a rich source of protein, calcium and magnesium. Kidney beans are red in colour but should not be confused with the red beans. Most varieties have black speckles. They have a unique shape that resembles the human kidney hence their name. According to their strong and complex composition, kidney beans cannot be consumed by little children below two years and pregnant women. Kidney beans nutrition can fight cancer, diabetes, and obesity

Morocco kidney beans found their way to Morocco from the Egyptian valleys in the 1700s. They were initially grown for local consumption. In the 19th century, Moroccan farmers started commercial farming of the beans and later started exporting them from the surplus production.

There are four major varieties of kidney beans grown in Morocco, namely:

  1. Light speckled
  2. Red kidney beans
  3. Red speckled kidney beans
  4. White kidney beans

The light speckled beans are long-grained, they are mostly beige in colour, pink or red with dark rajas. Sometimes they are known as sweet bean due to their sugary taste.

The red kidney beans have the same characteristics with the light speckled only that they are purely red in colour, although they have a slightly less sugary taste.

The red speckled kidney beans are red in colour with white speckles. They have long grains and are the most common type of four.

White kidney beans are white in colour with purple or reddish speckles. They contain low sugar content and are very nutritious.

Morocco kidney beans perform best in the warmer areas with temperatures if 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Planting takes place a few days before the short rains begin in March. They are dug  1 inch below the soil surface to avoid rotting before germination. They emerge from the soil 10 to 14 days after planting.

From 100 to 120 days, the beans are ready to mature. The pods turn yellow, and the stalks begin to wither. They are uprooted and hanged to dry before splitting the pod to get the beans. After separating the beans from the pods, they are, then dried again before storage to avoid moulding.

The beans are then packed in loose open sacks of plastic bags that are clean and free from fungal infestation. Properly dried kidney beans have a shelf life of up to one year.

Morocco exports most of its kidney beans to Spain while others are consumed locally.

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