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Kenya is among the few countries in Africa that produce high quality teff. Originally, teff is native to Ethiopia and Eritrea but Kenya is among those that enjoy the benefits of exporting it.


Teff also known as Eragrostis tef, is a fine grain that is harvested from the Williams’ lovegrass. Kenyan teff is well known for its nutritional value. In Kenya, teff is cultivated as a cereal crop. The teff grain has a variety of colors. It can either be white, red or dark brown. Nakuru and some parts of Northern Kenya are popular for producing the best of Kenyan teff.

Teff is better suited for a seminomadic lifestyle due to the small size of its grain. The Kenyan Teff has a high concentration of nutrients, which has contributed largely to the increase in demand and production of the grain. Other than containing high protein levels and being gluten-free, iron from teff is easily absorbed by the body.

Production Centers

In Kenya, the Northern parts like Marsabit, Nakuru, Mlolongo and Athiriver are upscaling their production of the teff grain. This is after positive reception of the product from both the local and international market.

Forms of Exported teff

Kenyan teff is mainly exported as a raw produce. Small holder farmers in some parts of Kenya are really cashing in on the export of the teff grain.

Teff varieties and Growing conditions

Teff grains come in a variety of colors ranging from white and red to dark brown. Kenyan teff can thrive well in areas with difficult climatic conditions including those with relatively low rainfall. The fact that teff grain is rarely infested by pests and diseases makes it a suitable crop especially for areas facing food security.


Teff grain is the new “superfood” globally, especially for individuals with keen interest in healthy living. The grains are gluten free hence the best option for someone who is not trying to have wheat in their diet.

Teff is also a reliable protein source and dietary fiber which helps in managing blood sugar, weight and colon health.

Harvesting and cleaning

The early maturing types are ready for harvest within 45-60 days, others 60-120 days and then there are those that take 120-160 days to mature. Good yields can be attained if the right agronomic practices are followed. The teff grain lasts long as it is not susceptible to damage by insects and pests. This makes it more suitable for areas facing famine threats.

Packing and Export.

Generally, there is no packaging standard for teff grain but it is important to have reliable packing for the produce. For teff grains 25kg kraft paper bags are recommended.

Shipping can either be by sea or by air depending on the bulk of the quantity ordered.


Kenyan teff is of unquestionable quality. Our smallholder farmers’ adherence to the GLOBALG.A.P. regulations guarantees our clients quality produce.

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