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Varieties Type I & II
Size 0.5g, a diameter of 5mm per seed
Packing Bags of 100kg
Season April, October
Storage Store in a cool and dry place
Transport Conditions Dry well ventilated containers, Relative humidity of 89-90%
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Evidence from archaeological sites provides evidence of the growth of legumes in ancient Egypt. White beans are some of the agricultural products produced for export in Egypt. Egypt white beans belong to the Fabaceae family along with other legumes. The botanical name for white beans (white kidney beans) is phaseolus Vulgaris.

White beans grow in well-aerated and drained soils with a PH of 6 to 6.8. The plant requires a lot of water and warm weather for a good yield. 

There are two types of Egypt white beans; type I and type II. The two varieties are grown during different seasons. Type I is grown from December to April, which is usually the winter season. Type two grows during summer, that is, mid-May to October.

180-200 Egypt white beans weigh 100grams. Their humidity rate is at a maximum of 16%. In Egypt, the white beans are edible unripe as fruit. When dried out, its seeds are cooked by boiling. White kidney beans are also edible as vegetables in Egypt and other parts of the world, and its straws make good fodder for animals.

White beans are healthy and highly nutritious as they contain edible fibre, proteins, magnesium potassium and iron. The seeds also contain amino acids, fatty acids, calcium, vitamin C, Vitamin A, fats, sodium and Carbohydrates.

The health benefits of taking kidney beans are as follows.

They help in the fight for cancer through its antioxidant properties.

Its soluble and insoluble fibre content is good for digestion and balancing of cholesterol.

The folic acid content fight heart disease.

Vitamin B1 helps in improved cognitive ability

Finally, they help in detoxification of foods by removing sulfites commonly found in cooked meals.

Among the many advantages of white beans is that they can be stored for more extended periods when well dried in a dark environment without losing on quality. Like any other legumes, white beans fix atmospheric nitrogen into the soil increasing its fertility for other plants such as cereals.

For the edible pod beans, the collection is best done while they are young. When they start to ripen, they are best picked daily as the wait can result in toughening/hardening. The beans should also be harvested free of moisture to prevent diseases. When plucked, the seeds should be refrigerated unwashed in air-tight containers and only removed as they are being used. Chilled green beans can only stay fresh for up to four days. For more extended storage periods, the pods can be blanched, prickled or canned and frozen.  

For dry beans, they should be harvested when they are dry and hard before they split. Upon collecting the seeds are removed from the pods. The seeds are then packaged and stored in a cool and dry place. 

Among the biggest importers of white beans include Morocco, Romania, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, the USA Algeria and Tunisia among others.  

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