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Varieties Small white kidney beans, large white kidney beans, red speckled kidney beans
Seasons March- August
Packing Packed in 90 kg bags
Storage ConditionsStored in cool, dry conditions, relative humidity of 89-90%
Transport ConditionsTransported in Clean, dry containers, 15-22 degrees Celsius, seeds are dry. Free of foreign matter
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Kidney beans, for so long referred to as ‘poor man’s meat’, are now the most sought after healthy source of proteins because of their high protein content and other nutritional benefits compared to red meat. Botswana Kidney beans are readily available for locals as they are farmed mainly by smallholder farmers.

 The Botswana economy depends on mixed agricultural farming, with up to 70% of her population compromising of smallholder farmers, living in rural areas.

 Common beans were first farmed in the Bahamas and with time spread to various parts of the world as a result of trade. In Botswana, they are mostly consumed in schools, hospitals as well as homes. 

Kidney beans are annual crops that thrive in a warm climate, Botswana provides the perfect environment for kidney bean farming in the northern regions of the country such as Chobe Enclave, Pandamatenga as well as the Okavango Delta. 

 Kidney beans require well-draining soil as water-logging leads to rotting. Annual average temperatures of 19degrees to 22 degrees are ideal. Higher temperatures during the flowering seasons lead to falling out of the flowers.

 Botswana Kidney beans are available throughout the year; however, the peak season is from March to August.

There is a total of three varieties of Kidney beans grown in Botswana, these are;

  • Red speckled kidney beans- These are the most common kidney beans in Botswana and account for over 75% of the total beans produced in the country.
  • Small white kidney beans- They are smaller than the Red speckled kidney beans and white in colour. They account for 1-5% of the total beans produced and are mainly used for canning.

The main variety of kidney beans grown in Botswana is the Red speckled kidney beans primarily because of its ease in availability. To add to that, it is drought and disease resistant.

 Kidney beans take 60-70 days to reach maturity. Usually, the pod is green, and sometimes the beans are harvested before drying as a quick meal. However, commercial kidney beans are harvested when the pods turn to yellow. The harvesting is done early in the morning to avoid bursting of the pods. The whole bean plant is uprooted and then sundried on a mat or sacks.

 Upon drying, the beans are cleaned by winnowing and later hand sorted. They are packed in 90kgs sacks ready for sale after which farmer unions collect the beans from the farmers; this way, a traceability system will be followed. 

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