Spanish grain sector raises alarm: importing grain from Ukraine without tariffs is sinking prices

Alarm bells have gone off in the Spain cereal sector due to the permissiveness of Brussels to the entry of grain from Ukraine,

Indonesia Vegetables: Vegetable Production Management to Meet Café Needs

Garden concept cafés are becoming increasingly popular. These cafes usually serve food made from fresh vegetables from their own gardens.

Germany Leather: Leather from Fleckvieh cattle is particularly sought after

The leather of Fleckvieh slaughter cattle is particularly popular. Why is that? And what does the path from the animal

Sino-Australia agriculture: Ma Youxiang meets with the Australian Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Watt

China’s Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Ma Youxiang who is in Canberra, Australia, by appointment to meet with

Fruit and vegetables: Citrus fruits’ prices in Taranto drop 48%-Less consumption, too many production costs

TARANTO –Italy’s citrus prices on the Taranto marketplace have plummeted by 48 percent, as price increases in the shopping cart and

Portuguese Chamomile: Kombucha drinking flowers

In summary: Aquela Kombucha flower drink will be an ideal blend of Portugal’s chamomile and elderflower samples. Already launched (in

Korea: Tripling profits with innovative nursery technology…”I’m going to be a strawberry master”

Jincheon, a town in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, is surrounded by fields and greenhouses. Born and raised here, Lee Ho-myung, 39,

Turkey: Yields in modern greenhouses established by the metropolis delights producers

Within the scope of the “Greenhouse Development Project” initiated by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to enable Turkish farmers from here to

Vietnam: Make community agricultural extension a key force in the agricultural sector at the grassroots level

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has proposed that localities focus on consolidating and developing community agricultural extension models

Next month the first Banana Congress of the Colombian Caribbean will be held

The first Banana Congress of the Colombian Caribbean 2023 will be held between Thursday, May 18 and Friday, May 19, at