Indonesia Vegetables: Vegetable Production Management to Meet Café Needs

Garden concept cafés are becoming increasingly popular. These cafes usually serve food made from fresh vegetables from their own gardens. Therefore, vegetable production management is always considered so that the supply of vegetables for cafes is always available.

Waroeng Ceu Ipa Biomethagreen is one of the cafes that provide all menus from their own cultivated plants. The dishes are as diverse as juices from vegetables such as pak choi (Chinese celery cabbage), noodles from mustard greens, and various fresh vegetables.

Wahyu Indra, S.Pt., manager of Waroeng Ceu Ipa Biomethagreen, skillfully continues to organize so that various vegetables always remain. The reason is, visitors can also feel the sensation of picking vegetables directly in the hydroponic vegetable garden.

Wahyu gave an example of a production management strategy. Every month Waroeng Ceu Ipa Biomethagreen needs 20-25 kg of Indonesian kale.  Kale harvest time is 25-30 days after planting (hst).

Lettuce needs 20 kg per day (harvest 35 days hst), pak choi 30 kg (harvest 30 hst), and mustard greens 30-40 kg (40-60 hst). From the data analysis, Wahyu sows 200-250 seeds per type of vegetable once a week to meet the needs.

Sowing various vegetable seeds on rock wool, he applied AB Mix nutrients with a concentration of about 1,000 ppm. He’s been checking the nutrients every 3 days.

Nun, with the honorary titles of Rijal Huda, S.IP., M.Sc., from Sukamenak Village, Purbaratu District, Tasikmalaya City, West Java, has also embraced the garden cafe concept since 2016. A variety of menus such as kale juice, pakcoi juice, and heavy meals with various vegetables can be ordered by the visitors.

“We grow hydroponic vegetables for the needs of the cafe,” said the owner of the Bentenq Hydroponic Garden agro-tourism center.

Types of vegetables range from lettuce, kale, cayenne pepper, whitegrass, caisim, and mustard greens. The 1,120 m² garden and agro-tourism cafe has 5 installations with 2,000-3,000 planting holes.

He installed 8m-long, 2.5-inch pipes in the 6-level installation. Every weekend Rijal is flooded with visitors of up to 200 people per day. Café-garden entrepreneurs sow in stages for a sustainable harvest.

Rijal is meticulous about each stage of vegetable cultivation. For example, the sowing of lettuce for 7-10 days, the transplanting process for rejuvenation in a week, then the maturation period until harvest at 35 hst. Rijal sows 200 seeds per plant every 4 days to meet the needs of the cafe’s kitchen.