Belarus herring export quantities

In 2019 Belarus sold 2,809 tonnes of herring. For the year 2019 alone, the market for Belarus herring (fish category) has improved, recording a change of 149.025 per cent compared to the year 2018. Between 2017 and 2019, herring's exports went up by 49.34% netting the country US$6.36m for the year 2019. Belarus' herring exports are classified as:

  • Fresh or chilled herrings (Clupea harengus, clupea pallasii) (HS code 030240)
  • Frozen fillets of herring "Clupea harengus, Clupea pallasii" (HS code 030486)
  • Fresh or chilled herring "Clupea harengus, clupea pallasii" (HS code 030241)
  • Dried herrings "Clupea harengus, Clupea pallasii", anchovies "Engraulis spp.", sardines "Sardina pilchardus, Sardinops spp.", sardinella "Sardinella spp.", brisling or sprats "Sprattus sprattus", mackerel "Scomber scombrus, Scomber australasicus, Scomber japonicus", Indian mackerels "Rastrelliger spp.", seerfishes "Scomberomorus spp.", jack and horse mackerel "Trachurus spp.", jacks, crevalles "Caranx spp.", cobia "Rachycentron canadum", silver pomfrets "Pampus spp.", Pacific saury "Cololabis saira", scads "Decapterus spp.", capelin "Mallotus villosus", swordfish "Xiphias gladius", Kawakawa "Euthynnus affinis", bonitos "Sarda spp.", marlins, sailfishes and spearfish "Istiophoridae", even salted but not smoked (excl. fillets and offal) (HS code 030554)
  • Smoked herring "Clupea harengus, Clupea pallasii", incl. fillets (excluding offal) (HS code 030542)
  • Herring (Clupea harengus, Clupea pallasii), only salted or in brine (excluding fillets and offal) (HS code 030561)


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Belarus herring export values

In 2019, Belarus supplied herring costing 6.36m USD, an increase of 125.13% from 2018's total herring export of 2.825m USD. The annual increase in value of Belarus herring between 2017 to 2018 was -10.317 per cent.

The annual change in the quantity of Belarus' herring exports between 2017 and 2019 was 49.34 percent compared to a variation of 149.025% in the period between 2018 and 2019.


Export markets for Belarus herring ( in '000$ )


Belarus brought in 24,983 tonnes of herring in 2019.