Why Kenya Flowers are Loved Around the World

A rich and fertile soil. A perfectly sunny climate. Loving attention to detail. These are some of the factors that have contributed to Kenya’s world-class reputation as an exporter of fresh cut flowers. The country is one of the largest flower growers and producers, and for a very good reason; they are renowned around the globe for their brightness, vivaciousness and their knack for remaining fresh for long. As a leading supplier of Kenyan fresh-cut flowers, Selina Flowers offers a selection of nothing but the best that Kenya has to offer.

Imagine fields upon fields of colour and splendour painting the countryside. Kenya’s climate makes for the ideal natural nursery. While other exporters must rely on large factory greenhouse operations, Kenya’s year-round sunshine and temperate weather offer the flowers a luxurious environment to soak up vital nourishment. Natural is always better, and the Kenyan growing environment means these treasures of the Earth have been nurtured in a way that artificial cultivation methods simply cannot match.

Additionally, flowers from Kenya are guaranteed to arrive in the freshest possible condition. The country has a modern transportation infrastructure dedicated solely to flowers and features a terminal at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi airport that is devoted exclusively to fast and efficient delivery of flowers, something no other country can boast.

The popularity of Kenyan roses, for instance, cannot be understated. Their fragrantly rich aroma coupled with a luxurious, velvety texture and long-lasting freshness makes them a commodity so prized the world over. Beautiful lilies with their white and pastel sheen, gorgeous fluffy carnations, and bold chrysanthemums will dazzle the soul. And the amazing assortment of wonderfully-textured filler flowers will make any bouquet or wedding centrepiece glow lovingly.

Flowers are Kenya’s gift to the Earth, and committed exporters like Selina Flowers remain at the forefront, holding that stewardship in trust. The richness, luxuriousness and freshness of Kenyan flowers are truly a sensory indulgence to be experienced. Feed your soul with these magical, natural masterpieces.