Why Ethiopia Flowers are Loved Around the World

Ethiopia has earned a well-deserved international reputation as a prime producer of flowers. With ideal soil and climate, plus a loving dedication to coaxing these precious examples of nature’s art from the Earth, the wide variety of flowers exported from this ancient land has captured the heart of the world. Selina Flowers prides itself on its exquisite selection of these Ethiopian treasures, sure to please even the most discerning connoisseur.

Ethiopian flower farmers are dedicated to their craft like virtually no other. For the past two decades, the Ethiopian government has incentivized the production of cut flowers with the goal of providing the highest quality flowers from Ethiopia. Due in part to the growing expertise, the favourable climate and water resources, Ethiopia has emerged in that short span as the second largest flower exporter in Africa, behind only Kenya. Whereas most international producers grow their flowers in factory farms, Selina Flowers selects nothing but the best from Ethiopia’s naturally abundant fields.

Ethiopia Roses are particularly in demand, especially on Valentine’s day. Their sweet aroma, silky texture and vibrant hues are the results of loving cultivation in native soil containing nourishing elements in perfect harmonious balance. Carnations are another favourite, as their rich and lush texture make for a divine gift to a loved one for any occasion. Chrysanthemums, with their luxurious pink tone and delicate petals, will add a touch of sunlight to any environment.

The Horn of Africa is the gateway to Europe and beyond. Thanks to its geographical location and transportation infrastructure, Ethiopian flowers are shipped in the freshest and most pristine conditions, ready to be enjoyed.

Experience Selina Flower’s breathtaking array of these living gems, and savour for yourself what the world has come to love – Ethiopia flowers. Revel in Earth’s natural beauty, and fall in love with flowers all over again.