Kenya Passion Fruits

Understanding Kenya’s Fresh Produce

If you are a foodie but are very meticulous on what your fork picks up, you may want to consider sampling fresh produce from Kenya. Kenya’s fruits and veggies are meticulously grown in farms across the country. The farms typically use natural production methods e.g organic fertilizers and organic pesticides throughout the planting and growing phase. The end result is healthy, juicy and delicious fruits and vegetables.

You will be spoilt for choice when considering buying fresh produce from Kenya. There are lots of fresh fruits, fresh veggies, fresh herbs and spices, as well as an assortment of processed products. If your taste buds get adventurous, you could also indulge in the different traditional African vegetables which are rich sources of A, B complex, C and minerals.
There has been an increase in lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cancer and obesity the word over. The amount of money spent on medication, supplements and other interventions is humongous. Yet prevention is always better than cure – you can try eating Kenya’s fresh produce and you will be on a clear path to a healthier you!
If you have a weight issue, it is a good idea to shed of the extra pounds. Every obese person knows this is easier said than done- especially if it entails fasting. Starvation is anything but fun. Some of the supplements also have several side effects ranging from nausea to loss of appetite. Thankfully, supplements and eating less is not the only solution to losing weight. In fact, you need to eat more – the only difference is that instead of eating junk, you will be eating more of what matters. You will be eating more healthy food- and this is the deal you get when with Kenya fresh produce.

Selina Wamucii has all the fresh produce you can ever think of exporting from Kenya. Reach out to us, let’s know what fresh produce you need – grown in the rich soils of Kenya.