Understanding Kenya’s French Beans

French beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) are one of the crops that are currently dominating Kenya’s export market. The french beans are grown in warm areas such as Thika, Kirinyaga, Naivasha, Embu, Machakos and some parts of Nairobi county. The demand for these French beans depends on the weather patterns of the market that is Europe and USA.

The export season is mainly divided into two i.e he high and low seasons. The high season starts from November to around April when EU markets are experiencing winter while the low season starts from June to around September.

Growing French beans in Kenya requires and indeed takes a lot of commitment especially when targeting the high demand season. There are four crucial stages that should always be given adequate attention in order to get the best french beans for the export market and of course llocal consumption.

Some of the key stages that aught to be observed in the growing of french beans include;

Germination – this is the first stage where all the necessary conditions must be met for the process of germination to occur.

Flowering – this is mainly considered the crop development and flowering stage. During this stage, suitable top dressing is mandatory not forgetting pesticides that may attack the flowers.

Fruiting – this is the second last stage where the French beans are almost ready to be harvested. During this stage, appropriate organic fertilizers are necessary to to stimulate fruit formation and more flowering in the plant.

Harvesting – this is the last stage, meaning the product is now ready for the market. The french beans are then harvested and packed in proper facilities which must be registered and approved by Kenya’s National Plant Protection department.

This is just but a tip of the iceberg. There is much more that goes into ensuring that the end product is healthy, nutritious and fresh. As responsible growers and exporters of fresh french beans from Kenya, Selina Wamucii observes strict and professional methodologies. This is why many clients around the world trust Selina Wamucii for French Beans from Kenya.