The 3 Biggest Sources of Avocado Oil to Enjoy 13 Percent Growth Rate

Financial analysts forecast that the avocado oil sector will appreciate at 13 percent annually between 2018 and 2021. At least three segments of the market are apparent, namely crude, extra virgin and virgin avocado oil. Kenya processes all the three forms and is a major source in Africa and the Middle East region.

Crude avocado oil is the most basic from the fruit that has just undergone malaxing at 45 to 50° Celsius. It is 100 percent natural as even its water is separated during the centrifugal filtration stage. To achieve the best results, a fast moving decanter or centrifuge is necessary. Because the oil comes out in just one filter, it contains some pulp that make it crude unlike virgin which undergoes final polishing to leave only pure oil.

Extra virgin, on the other hand, follows the same malaxing and decanting formula. However, it consists of quite high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids. If it comes from the Hass variety, the oil has a very refined aroma. It is also quite glossy in appearance and smooth in texture. Its smoke point can reach 250° Celsius but it still passes as cold-pressed.

Main Sourcing Areas of the World

The Americas

According to a 2017 report, 50 percent of avocado fruit comes from the Americas. It also follows that the countries are also the major focal points of oil production. The leading nations and states include California in the United States, Peru, Mexico and Brazil.  Mexico takes the crown as the number one nation in the cultivation of the fruit.

Africa and the Middle-East

Though Africa is one of the sources of avocados, it does not produce as high levels of avocado oil as the Americas. The biggest processing countries include Kenya. The country’s major belt is the Mount Kenya region around Meru. Rwanda is another major processor, followed by Morocco. In the Middle East, Israel with its modern irrigation systems is the main source.  In these two regions, a rising middle-class has increased avocado oil demand due to health consciousness.

South-east Asia

Some other regions with high potential for avocado oil production is Asia-Pacific. The region includes Thailand, China and Indonesia. Australia is also a major producer in the Oceania region with a growing market due to processed oil demand in urban populations in Sydney and Canberra.

Though avocado oil has risen in demand in recent times, it is currently competing with olive oil. The latter comes through lower malaxing heat, which makes it qualify as ‘more cold-pressed’ than its avocado equivalent. Still, with the growth rate of 13 percent in the next four years, the oil will be quite competitive. Consumers swap the high content of oleic acid traditionally available in olive oil in the avocado which has nearly similar levels.

Ultimately, consumers are being won over to the avocado oil due to its potential of anticancer effects. This is because of the lutein which is present in both the raw pulp and oil of the avocado. It not only reduces eye disease but degeneration. In short, Kenya as a key producer of extra virgin avocado oil has a chance to capture the high growth rate due to these health highlights that consumers currently seek.