Selina Wamucii offers two types of sourcing services namely the LINK service and COMMIT service.

1. LINK Service

For this service, the buyer pays Selina Wamucii a one-off fee of $1099. Once payment is made, Selina Wamucii will link you (the buyer) to a credible, verified producer who is capable of fulfilling the specific product you need).

Is the link service fee money refundable? 

Yes, this fee is 100% refundable after 10 working days if you are not satisfied by the progress of your order or if you feel uncomfortable working with the assigned producer.  Simply request for the refund and Selina Wamucii will process the refund within one working day.

2. Commit Service

For this service,the buyer pays Selina Wamucii a small percentage of the planned first order as a down payment to demonstrate commitment. This is your money and will go towards funding your first order. Selina Wamucii will source the product on your behalf and coordinate shipping.

How much percentage is required for down payment? 

The percentage is calculated based on the total cost of the first order and is capped at USD 4,999. This means that whatever the total cost of your first order, the maximum down payment you can pay is USD 4,999.

Is the down payment money refundable? 

Yes. Your down payment is 100% refundable if after 10 working days, you feel that SelinaWamucii is not making significant progress in fulfilling your order. Simply request for the refund and Selina Wamucii will process the refund within one working day.

Why does Selina Wamucii ask for payment before we can start working on your request?

When you pay,it gives us certainty that you have decided to work with Selina Wamucii to source the product.

But most importantly, this payment, be it for LINK or COMMIT service, saves you a great deal of time. If you are experienced in sourcing products, then you probably understand the value of saving time. In this case, Selina Wamucii takes all the burden of talking to so many potential suppliers or producers off your shoulder. After all, we have already pre-screened the producers. So we know the right producer that you can work with smoothly, at the right price and timelines.

This, in turn , commits us to dedicate our sourcing teams to focus 100% on your order. Specifically, you will be a assigned a sourcing specialist who will focus exclusively on your request until the order is fulfilled.

We hope that these details help you understand how we work and that we can hopefully get started on this journey with utmost trust and honesty.

What is the next step after payment?

Once you pay for the LINK or COMMIT service, you will be assigned a sourcing specialist. Your sourcing specialist will hold an initial introductory call with you and start the coordination.

Do you have any clarification? Any questions hat we may have missed? Please engage support or reply to the communication trail from your Inbox within the Selina Wamucii platform.