Selina Wamucii subscribes to the global ethical framework; that we have an obligation to conduct our business in a manner that is beneficial to the society at large. From training farmers for improved production, use of environmentally friendly processes to supporting the local communities around us, we are committed to maintaining a healthy balance between the ecosystem and economy, for the advancement of a healthier, happier society that will be much better than we found it.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who work hard to ensure that all standards of proper production are followed strictly. To guarantee this, we have adopted a three pronged approach that tackles the following areas;


We continuously undertake to expand the knowledge of our network of farmers to ensure the produce is safe and the farming practices not harmful to the environment. To this end, we continuously train our entire network of farmers on the best global farming standards including handling of produce, maintaining high standards of personal hygiene, making sure their equipment is well maintained and the pest control measures undertaken are safe in order to ensure that we can carry on guaranteeing 100% food safety from our farms to the plates in millions of households around the world. Our highly effective farmer seminars, training camps and education tours, together with our extension services ensure that our production chain is of sound quality.


We take the initiative to use and supply out-growers with the right fruit and vegetable seeds in order to ensure that they produce the best quality for harvest. Our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and safety is so absolute that we undertake unannounced visits to the farms to make sure the practices we insist on to the farmers are being followed. We also perform thorough inspections of the final produce to ascertain that they indeed meet the very high requirements we have set before delivering them to the market.


All our activities are environmentally friendly. We go to great lengths to make sure that all activities involved in the growing and production of our fresh produce have the least negative impact on the environment, or none at all. All our crops are grown under the African sun and our irrigation and crop protection practices are set up to make sure that our production activities are not dangerous to the environment. Our organic fertilizers and pesticides pose no danger to the environment.

As a way of giving back to Mother Nature, we are also involved in various local environmental rehabilitation initiatives including tree planting for reforestation purposes and reclamation of water catchment areas.

This is the depth of our commitment to making sure our production lines follow the global standards for socially ethical conduct. We guarantee 100% satisfaction that covers the farms, environment, the people involved along the chain, the communities we interact with in our business, and the worldwide markets where our produce is consumed.

Selina Wamucii will continue to commit to strong leadership in setting high standards for ethical farming and quality fresh produce.