Plum and Prune Juice: What Is the Difference?

Prune juice and plum juice are some two words that mean just the same but present different wording. In fact when taking of either, you are basically enjoying the same stuff full of nutrients, unquestioned of purity and a hundred percent organic. But there are some slim differences that lie in their making, which can separate prune or plum extracts with the following three being the most notable:

The Source: Prunes are basically plums in their dry condition. However, juice from prunes is usually sourced from several types of plums, for example Kenya red plum varieties including the salty and sugary kinds. Ideally, they turn into prune juice when they are extracted from their dry cones. You may ask why anyone would want to milk a dry fruit off its lees, if there is any, but the fact is that the prunes are easier to remove pits off them through machine processors than the ripe plums.

The Variety: Prune juice may differ from plum juice due to variety. For instance, some folks mix damson or purple-tinted plums, together with the dark yellow variety known as mirabelle, and add a little of the salty green types known as Greengage. Though you may also harvest a mixture of ripened plum juices from all the above, you may not easily lay hands on each type at once and thus the need to find a supplier of ready prune juice who can source all of these dry fruits from various corners of the globe and turn them into juice.

Fruit juice versus drink: To appreciate more of the slim difference between prune juice and plum juice, you also need to be handy with the opposites between a fruit juice and a fruit concentrate. Most people go to a grocery in search of a ‘fruit drink,’ little knowing that this is a concentrate with a few additives as opposed to fresh juice from the farm. Usually, real natural drinks have no additives and are 100 percent made of the original fruit.

You will always find labels such as ‘100% custard apple juice’, or ‘100 percent extra virgin avocado juice’ and similar labeling in grocery shops. These are the kind of juices that are organic and come from the fruits themselves. At Selina Wamucii for instance, we have the privilege of providing Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.

In short, prune juice or plum juice presents little difference in comparison with fruit juice and concentrated drink which present a world of difference. There is also no disparities between the two when it comes to the amount of nutrients as the wholesomeness, taste and purity is basically the same. So, whether the prune is dry or not, the origin is a plum!