Making Guacamole From Kenya Avocados

Kenya is a source of some of the best avocados in Africa. The wholesome hass and fuerte varieties are quite sweet but none beats the Mexican mash meal, Guacamole that the fruits make. Here is a perspective on how you can actually import fresh avocados from Kenya and make your Guacamole the East African way.

First of all, you need to have your avocados not very ripe and from the highlands as here they mature bruise-free. A hint: a Guacamole avocado should have no bruises and should be just ripe but not extremely so. This is why the highlands of Mount Kenya with their breezy sunny weather provide that perfect fruit that you can ship home where it ripens, to serve as a recipe.

Next, you need to select a firm avocado that possesses a medium neck: the smaller the avocado’s neck area, the better the taste. So, a medium sized, narrow-necked, firm fruit offers the best guacamole because its innards, though ripe, stay perfectly intact.

The second step of making that Kenya guacamole is to prepare the product straight out of a fruit vase. You can have kept the fruit at room temperature. About 13 degrees Celsius will do to make the fruit maintain its firmness and be ripe enough without turning mashy.

Also, make sure that your avocado from Kenya keeps whole while cooling in the fridge. Slicing it open when in the cooler is a catalyst to browning and other ugly spots that it can gain. This can spoil the guacamole. In case you have already cut it, you can use lemon juice to keep the browning away before you can start the preparation.

Then comes the cutting up stage: a Kenya Guacamole recipe takes place the same simple way as its Mexican original:

1. Use stainless steel cutlery to slice the fruit half from the top to the bottom. By cleaving it gently just like you do meat in the sticky middle parts next to the pit, you can prevent any spoiling of the flesh.

2. Then you use a spoon or knife’s tip to spear out the pit. The last step is to cut halfway slices off the flesh of the halved avocados. You can make as many as eight slices per avocado.

3. Remove the skin off the pieces by just peeling it off as it comes off easily when the cuts are perfect.

4. Peeling is easy: the nick-and-peel method involves using your thumb finger as the holder while the other fingers remove the flesh off the fruit.

5. Next is a simple way to make your Kenya Guacamole meal:

Start off with the key ingredients of onions (possibly the small garlic of the East african variety, which is quite aromatic). Peel off the potatoes-a few can do depending on the size of the meal. Irish potatoes go well with tomatoes, onions, and chili, which you will add thereafter. Mash the avocados into a savory paste with a pudding agent, possibly a spoon, before sprinkling some lemon juice, salt and a little red hot chilly pepper. With more seasonings of your choice-the more natural the better!-you have your perfect guacamole meal.

In Kenya as in Mexico, guacamole goes well nicely with a slice of toast. It can also serve as a salad for snacks and potato crisps. Try them back home! If you are also in Kenya, why not try the ready-made avocado guacamole from right here? We at Selina Wamucii are experts at providing wholesome processed products including the related extra virgin avocado oil. Talk to us today!