Kenya Lavender Oil: A Pillar Of Greatness

Talking of Kenya Lavender oil, Lavender oil was still great even before it first became extracted centuries ago from flower crushing to make potpourri. The very Italian name for it, lavare denotes some purifying or washing agent, an attribute from the Roman viewpoint of something that smells nicely enough to heal.

And it does heal…one of the reasons for the greatness of essential lavender oil, especially Kenya Lavender oil is that it has hormonal and respiratory inducement qualities which can help curb or contain diseases. For instance, traditionally, folks have always smeared a little of this oil over the sleeping cots of invalids to stimulate their senses and also relieve stress or migraine. Another hormonal quality of the oil is the fact that whenever sebum is overproduced in the body, it leads to accumulation of lees underneath the epidermal cells of the skin, an attraction to bacteria which leads to acne. Applying essential Kenya lavender oil on this pore can prevent further devolution of bacteria in the affected area as it kills the microorganisms even as it stimulates the hormones responsible for the production of sebum to forgo further production, therefore leading to a smooth skin.

In treating respiratory disorders perhaps lies lavender oil’s path to greatness. For one, it takes the center stage for having two or more forms of induction into the body. You can use it as either liquid or vapor. In the latter format, the oil is contained in syrups that the patient inhales to give relief to mucus and sinuses in the head. It also helps reduce the congestion of toxic matter in the digestive tissues through the ingestion as vapor or oil rubbed onto the back or chest. It acts as a catalyst, in either of the application methods for treating disease-causing agents for cough.

It is seldom that an aromatic substance can ever have harmful effects on insects and thus a boon into health.  This is exactly what the sweet-smelling Kenya lavender oil does, as its attractive smell, when in processed form with other ingredients acts as a mosquito repellant. Indeed, this great substance can be ready to use to ward off anopheles mosquito on its own. Besides, it casts away light-drawn insects such as moths besides being a common cure for the condition called leucorrhoea.

 Last but not least, as a disease-warding factor, essential lavender oil is one of its kind. It has humanoid system protection qualities primarily lying in its strength against bacteria and some viruses, which is why it helps keep the body immune against tuberculosis, diphtheria and water-borne diseases like cholera and typhoid. This mapping of diseases is courtesy of intense studies that were done in early last century when scientists were just discovering new cures for mass diseases.

As part of a great trend, lavender oil extraction began as a flower crushing course, transmuting into modern times with the steam distillation method and now vaporization, among other extraction means. This shows that there are still trends to come to improve the intake of this essential oil.

In short, Kenya lavender oil lives up to its name as a stultifying element for hormonal control against stress, adding aroma into a stale room, repelling common disease-causing insects, treating and preventing disorders of the lungs and digestion, even as it fights against acne.