Kenya Extra Virgin Avocado Oil: Miracle From A Fruit

It doesn’t take a lot of figuring out to discover that most of the usual oils we eat are annoyingly poor choices. There is the GMO factor that you should always be aware of, not forgetting the heavy processing that goes into producing these oils. Sure, we make choices in our kitchens. But it really doesn’t hurt to try something that is 100% reassuring in terms of the content that finally finds its way to our body system. Even the most carefree among us will at some point need to lookout for healthy choices. Luckily we now need not spend so much time looking because one of the greatest miracles of our age in as far as cooking oils are concerned is undoubtedly extra virgin avocado oil – a healthy fat from a healthy fruit.

Avocados are not genetically modified, so extra virgin avocado oil like Ceravado is automatically non-GMO, giving you all the natural nutrients wholly from the avocado fruit.

Extra virgin avocado oil is made by cold pressing grade A avocado fruits, exclusively grown in Kenya. No chemical or heat is used in the process of producing this edible avocado oil. All fruits are handpicked and carefully chosen to get only the best in quality which are then cold pressed to produce the oil.

Impressive Nutrition…Healing Properties

Approximately 70% of avocado oil is oleic acid, which is basically the same omega 9 that earned olive oil its claim to glory. Oleic acid lowers the risk of certain cancers, prevents the ignition of some diseases that are known to be auto-immune, speeds cell regeneration, accelerates wound healing, aids the body in fighting microbial infections, etc (source)

Oleic acid is also known to be extremely resistant to oxidation, enabling avocado oil to stay for much longer without going rancid as most other oils would. Saturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids make 16% and 14% respectively.

In terms of micronutrients, the numbers speak for themselves. Just half of say hass avocado (which is used to make Ceravado extra virgin avocado oil) will give you 345mg worth of potassium – way more than what you get from your banana, 19.5mg of magnesium, 10mg of choline, 57mg of phytosterols which includes beta-sitosterol – the potent lipid influencer.

Powerful antioxidants

Avocados contain multiple antioxidants such as carotenoids, proanthocyanidins, tocopherol and polyphenols. Studies have also shown that avocado oil is great at preventing and controlling metabolic disorder and liver function.

The polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols found in avocado oil have been shown to fight skin inflammation and damage that is caused through exposure to ultraviolet light.

Extra virgin avocado oil has a smoking point of 204°C (400 °F), making it perfectly suitable for the kitchen for literally anything from salads to baking, stir frying to sautéing. The smell of avocado oil is mild, not like the often pungent and bitter taste of olive oil. The lingering taste and rich creamy texture of avocado oil makes it enjoyable to cook with.

Heart friendly

Beta-sitosterol is a type of cholesterol that the body can make use of to convert unhealthy fats into forms that are less dangerous to the body’s cells. Avocado oil contains beta-sitosterol in huge concentrations, making it friendly for the heart. Given that the oil is rich in anti-inflammatory attributes, it protects the walls of arteries from damage which then lowers heart disease risks as a result of plaque deposits. Reduced inflammation around the arteries means avocado oil will play a vital role in maintaining blood pressure at healthy levels.

Super digestion

If you suffer heart burn, bloating and abnormally high levels of gas, or if you seem to feel tired all time, then poor digestion could easily be the reason. Try using extra virgin avocado oil for your food to solve the problem. The digestive tract is helped to process food by the vitamins, monounsaturated fatty acids and minerals that are present in avocado oil. This might not fix the problem in a day but you will be amazed how fast you will start to feel better.


Avocado oil boasts loads of chlorophyll which is a rich source of magnesium -a natural remover of heavy metals like lead and mercury from the liver, brain and kidney. Each chlorophyll molecule comes with a magnesium ion which is released whenever there is contact with acidic environments.

Give it a try
Extra virgin means the aroma molecules, super nutrients and flavour are all intact thanks to minimal processing. You can literally see these super nutrients manifest in the oil’s emerald green colour. What avocado lacks in sweetness, it delivers overwhelmingly in satiety.

The only con that you can perhaps link to avocado oil is its rarity. But that is now in the past because Ceravado extra virgin avocado oil is readily available.