Kenya Cypress Oil Breathes Life Into Smooth Skin

Greek lore places cypress as one of the trees that can withstand death in that one can find the tree in the afterlife. The reason maybe because of the sizable nature of the tree, its straight vine-like leaves, aromatic smell and the cones that form beneath the branches next to the flowers. Be it as it may, these same cones are the reason why many people around the world can boast a skin free of germs, acne or wrinkles. They are the source of essential cypress oil of which Kenya is a major provider since the tree thrives well in the colder regions of the country at high altitude.

Kenya essential cypress oil, for one, is not like any other natural oil because it comes from the right blend of climate and soil with not a hint of commercialization. Indeed, most family growers cultivate the tree just as naturally as drawing water in the river. It is a common sight in many rural homesteads in Central Kenya. It is a scenery changer and on top of that, it helps to overcome many issues including helping in blood pressure control. In here lies the secret of three skin smoothening effects of this oil, next.

Prevents visible veins on the skin

The first precondition to reducing those veins around the ankles and sometimes arms that seem coiled, thick and bulging is to pore in a salve of this oil. The reason for these bulging veins is because the blood does not circulate smoothly and coils back at the extreme ends of a person’s skin. A few drops of essential cypress oil in a mixture of small amount of shea butter and palm oil can make a difference. Blood flows on that part of the skin like in other parts of the body without any sign of a swelling vein on the skin.

Making Sweat Less Odorous

It is possible to overcome the very reason for sweating, a build up of toxins under the skin by using cypress oil with other substances. These stop perspiration to a trickle and at the same time improve the odor of the sweat. It is possible to use a few drops of this oil with your usual herbal beauty produce.

Acne and Spots Fighter

During sleep, the pores of the skin open up and release sebum and other harmful dusts that the skin accumulates during the course of a busy day. This is why it is a recommendation to remove make up before turning in. However, it is not always sebum that comes out as acne can form at night, leading to painful scratches in the morning. To remove this swelling from becoming a permanent threat to a youthful skin, all it takes is a mixture of a dozen drops of your Kenya essential cypress oil and half a dozen of vetiver oil into a solution of tamanu oil. The latter oil is famous for its ability to resurrect the faded tone of a skin and thus the reason it is necessary to include it. By applying this mixture from an airtight jar just before sleep, there is a guarantee of a perpetually acne-free complexion from that day henceforth.

Among other ways to make your cypress oil worth the buck is to try it in wounds especially on the feet in the hope that they won’t leave ugly scars. This oil has a healing effect and will make the tone of the healed part be the same as it was originally.

In conclusion, it is necessary to use essential cypress oil from Kenya as part of your beauty routine in the morning. This is because, besides bringing the lost glory of the skin, it controls the harmful nature of synthetic deodorants in the market. It also helps to neutralize the excess oil in herbal beauty products, thus saving face for many people out there who want to look their perfect every morning. Learn more by contacting us at Essential Oils of Africa.