Interview With Endre Makaba, Head of Exports at Selina Wamucii

The undeniable demand for fresh produce is a common feature in every homestead in the world. Growing interest for fresh fruits and vegetables across global markets have inspired Africa’s fresh produce exporters to grow and export even more in order to satisfy the global demand. Notable and unique among them is the Selina Wamucii Company that has dedicated itself to feed the world with the best fruits and vegetables grown in Kenya. The success at the greatest heights of the world market has served just but to increase the zeal to achieve more through market expansion and reliable product delivery.

To put this into perspective, we interviewed Endre Makaba, the Global Head of Exports at Selina Wamucii.

As a Kenyan Fresh Produce exporter, what kind of support are you enjoying from in Kenya?

We are proud to be associated with Kenya as it provides unique tropical climatic conditions that favour the growth of our produce. In addition, Kenya is certainly a major consumer of our products. Overwhelming support from government agencies has assisted us to access new markets through international trade fairs and exhibitions both domestically and internationally. Moreover, the ease in moving our products to the various destinations has been facilitated by efficient means of transport available in Kenya.

Which markets do you currently operate in and how is the reception of the Selina Wamucii products?

Selina Wamucii exports to European, American, Middle East and even the broad Eastern African markets. We have active distributors/clients in almost all cities across the world. The demand of our fresh produce is always high as we export daily daily to various markets.

Being the Head of Exports, what are your key areas of specialization in growing and sustaining the brand?

Working at Selina Wamucii is very interesting and involving as well. As the Head of Exports, I have to ensure that the flow of our products across all markets is optimum, ensure that our clients are sufficiently supplied with the right quantities and quality of produce as per their orders. I follow up to ensure that proper labelling of products to the convenience and preference of our customers is strictly adhered to. Moreover, I have to confirm that our shipped produce conforms to the best practices and conditions as required by the law. I also have to assess the shipping options and the duration the products are to take to reach the market and in good condition.

In the business world, the number of customers a company has have a direct correlation to the volumes consumed. In what ways do you plan to increase your market share?

What has always worked for us at Selina Wamucii in regards to growing our customer base and commanding a large portion of the international fresh produce market has basically been selling more quantities to existing customers which increases our volumes while at the same time targeting new customers in new marketplaces which accounts to the rapid geographical expansion that the company has experienced.

As the Head of Exports at Selina Wamucii, how do you regulate the pricing of your products especially in international markets?

Pricing in our company is guided by five competitive strategies which we have come to adopt over time, including: One, focusing on and exploiting quality differences of our products from that of the competition such that concentration on the most fresh, colorful, tastier, better smelling, big and more resilient fresh produce varieties are packaged for sale to our customers. Two, we concentrate on building new markets for our produce, the online platform has been a major success so far plus the business development activities have mapped out new territories that appreciate and consume our fresh produce. Three, we have developed elaborate forms of vertical integration that create grounds for value addition while at the same time increasing product quality at affordable prices. Four, we have managed to introduce service lines to our product lines, especially where we have presence in major cities and further provide merchandising services that ensure our customers receive fresh produce every time they go shopping. Five, we have devised price control mechanisms that act as price stabilizers in the international market considering the diversity of the various international currencies in the various markets we operate in.

What are the strengths that make the Selina Wamucii brand the best option and the leading producer and exporter of fresh produce from Kenya?

Our brand continues to reap great benefits both locally and internationally since we offer; reliable 24/7 customer service to our customers, adhere to international standards as demonstrated by the certifications and authorization of processes by the relevant boards, bodies and government agencies, reputable quality control standards of our products, various awards won by our company both domestically and in the international markets as the reliable exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables from Kenya, established clean and modern processing facilities and to crown it all the attractive environment friendly packaging of our products .

With every business come limitations. What kind of challenges do you experience in exporting Kenya’s fresh produce across continents?

Market penetration is the greatest challenge a company can face and especially where new and unfamiliar markets are involved. The fresh produce market is a very tough and competitive business too. Costs are also diverse depending on the market dynamics of various countries. Luckily for Selina Wamucii, we have a team of well-travelled and informed elites who have combed the market and are a great inspiration since they provide ready and practical solutions or suggestions that see the company seamlessly establish its popularity into the hearts of its customers.

The future of any company is shared through its vision and mission statements. What as a company drives you and what are your plans?

Selina Wamucii represents a healthy living option through consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in the world. Therefore every time a consignment of our fresh produce leaves our facilities, the special satisfaction we have in our hearts that we have fed our world with quality and healthy food is overwhelming. The future of Selina Wamucii is bright as we seek to have presence in practically all countries in the world. We wish to partner only with the best to increase and grow our market share through provision of the best fresh produce of unquestionable quality.