If you’re a garden enthusiast and you’re looking for plants that can add color and scent to your garden without putting so much effort, then a lemon tree fits you perfectly.

A lemon tree is one of the easiest trees to grow in a garden and it doesn’t take much to maintain a lemon tree in your backyard.

As a gardener, there are a lot of benefits to growing a lemon tree in your backyard from enhancing the beauty of your garden to providing nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin C to family, friends and guests.

Commercially, lemon trees are very important for the U.S. economy and the country grows 884,000 tons of lemons every year.

So, as a gardener, not only are you bound to add beauty to your garden by growing lemon trees but you can also earn money from selling lemons across the U.S.

With these facts in mind, you might be asking yourself by now, “How do I grow a lemon tree?”

Well, you’re in the right place. This article will take you systematically through the various ways to grow a lemon tree by exploring the following key areas:

  • How to grow a lemon tree
  • How to grow a lemon tree from a seed
  • How long does it take to grow a lemon tree 

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How to grow a lemon tree

Unlike many trees, a lemon tree is relatively easy to grow for a novice gardener and also blossoms more quickly than other plants.

This is evident in a study by the University of Wisconsin that revealed that it takes at least 6 to 9 months for most lemons and lime to grow as compared to oranges which take at least a year.

So, how do you grow a lemon tree? Well, here are a few tips for you to follow.

Step 1: Select the right spot

  • Choose a spot where there is direct sunlight for a full day. 
  • Lemon trees require at least 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight if not more.

Step 2: Select the right soil

  • Lemon trees grow well in slightly acidic soil with above pH 5.5.
  • Decomposed granite and clay are quite acidic and appropriate for growing lemon trees.

Step 3:Plant the lemon tree

  • Lemon trees are known to have roots that grow 10 to 12 inches deep.
  • Digging a hole at least an inch into the soil and placing the lemon tree by firmly covering it with the soil will do a good job.

Step 4: Water the soil

  • Lemon trees require at least 17 gallons of water per day to sustain growth.
  • Water the lemon tree once a day to keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Step 5: Add fertilizer

  • Lemon trees grow well under granular compound fertilizer, i.e. 20:10:10
  • Add a 20:10:10 granular fertilizer every month during the growing season.

Step 6:Prune your lemon tree

Constantly cut off unwanted parts of the tree to maintain a manageable size and shape.

Step 7: Wait to grow

Wait at least 6 to 9 months for the lemon tree to grow and blossom.

How to grow a lemon tree from a seed

Propagating lemon seedlings is one of the easiest ways to grow a lemon tree in your garden. 

Unlike growing the actual lemon tree as previously described, propagating lemon seedlings requires less effort and skill since the seeds germinate so easily lemon trees can be planted in a small cup for indoor décor.

You will need the following items to grow the lemon tree from a seed:

  • Pot
  • Lemon
  • A sample of 20:10:10 granular compound fertilizer
  • Slightly acidic soil

Follow these steps to grow a lemon tree from a seed:

  1. Take an organic ripe lemon and cut it open to extract seeds from the inside.
  2. Soak the seeds in water for at least 24 hours to increase the chances of germination.
  3. Fill a pot with any soil of about 6 to 6.5 pH and the soil should be well-aerated as well as well-drained for best results.
  4. Place the seeds in the potting soil and the seeds should be half an inch into the soil for germination.
  5. Wet the soil evenly with half a cup of water until it’s moist, depending on the size of the pot.
  6. Place the pot where there is constant direct sunlight for at least 5 hours a day for a successful germination process.
  7. With a 20:10:10 granular compound fertilizer, apply it on the seeds for at least two weeks after planting the seeds.
  8. Monitor the seeds’ germination process for at least 6 months and watch the lemon tree grow.

How long does it take to grow a lemon tree?

An average lemon tree can take a minimum of 3 to 7 years to reach maturity and bear fruit while others can take less than 2 years, especially if the lemon tree is grafted.

However, the period the lemon tree takes to grow depends on the following conditions:

  • A properly drained soil composition and pH
  • Sufficient exposure to sunlight
  • Consistent watering until moist
  • Sufficient application of fertilizer