Hass Avocado ImageMt. Kenya Region is famous for its Hass and Fuerte avocados that are grown in a natural way.  The avocados grow in the most ideal conditions in the world, right on the equator and some high up in the mountains, so very little is required for crop protection, making it almost organically produced.

Kenya is also favored by an equatorial climate that allows it to produce avocado through out the year unlike South Africa, whose productions is seasonal.

Hass avocados are oval in shape with a “pebbly” textured skin and when ripe will yield to slight pressure and will show a purplish color. Fuerte avocados are green with a smooth skin.

The Hass season runs from June to mid-September with Fuerte starting a little earlier in March/April.

Sat on the equator, avocado production in Kenya runs for longer seasons than in other counties.

The Avocados are exported via Air Freight and Sea Freight. Sea freight orders are specially picked and packed to ensure that avocados are delivered to the vessel in the shortest possible time. This ensures the best quality fruit upon arrival at our customers.

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