Rwanda Honey


USD 3.95 per KG FOB
Moisture content: 16%-18%
Viscosity: 50-115 poises
Density: 1.4295-1.417kg/meter cubic
Color: 34mm extra light amber – 114mm dark amber
Surface tension: low
Hmf :10mg/kg
Tanzania origin

Rwanda Macadamia

Macadamia, Shelled

USD 20.9 per KG FOB
Style 0 (Premium wholes, 95% wholes and 5% halves. Size >20mm) – USD $20.9 per KG
Style 1L (classic wholes, mix 0f 95% wholes and 5% halves.Size 17-20mm) – USD 20.085 per KG
Kenya origin

Uganda Avocados

Hass Avocado

USD 1.29 per KG FOB
Quality: CAT 1
Calibre: 16,18,20,22,24 and 26
Packaging Type: 10KG (4 KG available upon request)
Total Boxes in a 40 ft CA reefer: 2,400
Total Pallets 40 ft CA reefer: 20
Kenya origin

Fuerte Avocado

USD 0.99 per KG FOB
-Naturally grown by family farmers
-Clean skin
-Mature, green
-Free of pests whether live or dead
-Over 23% of dry matter
Minimum Order: 5 Tonnes by Air
Kenya origin


USD 3.9 per KG FOB
-Appearance: BlackandwhiteLumps
-Odor: Characteristic woody, spicy somewhat camphorous odor
-Solubility: Soluble in alcohol and oils, insoluble in water
-Shelf life: 2-3years.
-Main Components: Pinenes, Limonene,P-Cynene
Kenya origin

Gum Arabic

USD 3.9 per KG FOB
-Appearance: Pale white to light Orange-brown, small tear or crystal that is tasteless and odorless
-Solubility: soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol
-Purity(%) :99.5%.Min.
-Moisture(%) :12%.Max.
-Total Ash(%). :3.2%.Max.
Kenya origin


USD 14.9 per KG FOB
-Specific gravity@20˚C:0.990–1.040
-Refractive IndexX@20˚C:1.520–1.531
-Optical rotation@20˚C:-125°to-50°
-Physical appearance: dark orange-brown resin
-Colour: dark orange-brown
Kenya origin

Red Kidney beans

USD 0.88 per KG FOB
-Price: USD 880 per tonne
-Red speckled kidney beans
-Foreign Matter:0.2% Max
-Contrasting Seed:0.2% Max
-Under Size Seed: 1.5% Max
-Weevilled Seeds: 2% Max
Tanzania origin

Cavendish bananas

USD 0.47 per KG FOB
-Price: USD 470/Tonne
-Green Cavendish bananas (Williams and Gran Nain )
-Finger length: 18cms minimum
-Calibration: 39 – 46 grades
-5- 8 fingers per cluster/hand

Angola origin

Green Cardamom

USD 19.5 per KG FOB
-Price: USD 19.5 per KG (FOB)
-Bulk density – 360-400gl
-Moisture – max 6%
-No open pods size
-Seed % -68%++
Tanzania origin