Buying Hass & Fuerte Avocados from Kenya

Mt Kenya Fresh Avocados are grown under the equator sun on the lush green slopes of Mt. Kenya under stringent Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Fuerte variety, popularly known as the “green skin”, is produced for most of the year.

Hass variety on the other hand is planted mainly between 1800m and 2200m and its season runs from June to September.

As a result, our main avocado exports come to a close by mid-November.

Why Mt. Kenya Fresh Avocados?

  • High quality Hass and Fuerte Avocados.
  • Consistent supply.
  • Highly Competitive Prices.
  • We export to any country on the planet (where trade barriers are not applicable)

Sizes (Also Referred to as Counts):
Mt Kenya Fresh avocados for export are picked and packed in sizes of 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24.

Packing & Packaging:
Packing is done in our upgraded pack-house with modern packing equipment using upgraded laminated packing 4kg cartons (35cm x 28.5cm x 9cm)  or depending on the request of the customer (mostly in packaging carton boxes of 4kg, 5kg, and 10kg). The packing is done based on the HACCP Quality Assurance Accreditation and the packaging material is approved by FDA to guarantee that it does not have any damage to the product. Besides, the boxes comply with all the necessary standards for export including being cold and weight resistant.

The 4kg boxes are packed into pallets which hold 276 boxes each. Every 40 cubic feet container holds 20 such pallets (276 boxes*20 pallets =5520 boxes of 4 kg each / 40 foot container.

Most of fresh avocados are shipped in CA (Controlled Atmosphere) containers to Mombasa port on route to Europe and Middle East by sea. The shipments take 12 – 15 days to reach Marseilles and 21 days to reach Rotterdam / Amsterdam. To reach Dubai, for our Middle East clients, the shipments take around 8 days.

Our real time prices vary due to the many factors at play. However, as an indication, the prices (FOB) range from US$1.25 – US$1.75 per kg.  Price range per box is US$ 5 – US$ 7 (FOB).

Payment Terms:
For orders less than one container per week, prepayment (by Telegraphic Transfer) is required. For orders more than 1 container per week, payment is by letter of credit or by bank/corporate guarantee subject to the existing business relationship.

For orders please get in touch here for more information. Follow us on Twitter @MKAvocados and Google+