Your one-stop global food sourcing platform

Selina Wamucii is your one-stop global food platform where you’ll find thousands of the world’s exporters, producers, cooperatives, groups of family farmers and agro-processors who will bring you quality products at very competitive prices.

Selina Wamucii Sourcing service is a monthly subscription for $59.99 (USD) that is designed to help you delegate all your sourcing and purchasing needs to a Selina Wamucii Sourcing Specialist who will handle all the hustles of getting the right producer and ensuring the order handling and delivery goes smoothly.

You will enjoy the following benefits:

1.Dedicated Assistance

Cut sourcing and purchasing time by half with smarter, dedicated sourcing specialist support.

2.Quality Assurance

Your shipment will be inspected during packing and before dispatch by an experienced and highly qualified Selina Wamucii Quality Assurance Specialist.

3.Be Secure

Selina Wamucii uses escrow service for Payment Protection with 0 charges. For every order you request from our vendors, Selina Wamucii will keep your money and only remit it to the vendor when you instruct us to do so or when all your order specifications are met and the shipment has been successfully dispatched. In the event, the order is not shipped by the agreed timelines or the vendor is not able to meet your most important requirements, 100% of your funds in the Selina Wamucii Escrow will be refunded to you.

Once you accept an offer, Selina Wamucii will send you a proforma invoice which you will use to make payment for your order. Your payment will be held in escrow until all the conditions have been met.

Once Selina Wamucii receives your payment, your sourcing specialist will proceed to coordinate your shipment and ensure the processing of your order is done as per your requirements.

In addition to Selina Wamucii’s on-the-ground inspection assistance, you (the buyer) are also welcome to send their own inspectors to the site of processing to help monitor the entire process.

Ready to start receiving offers for the products you need? Get matched with proven producers across the world.